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Celtic Farms and Kennels, PA


I've been breeding field Irish setters since 1970 and my grandfather bred them before me, passing on his genetic line, wisdom, and advice when he retired in 1972. Ned LeGrande, founder of the modern field Irish setter, was my mentor and guide from the beginning, as was Col. Ed Schnettler. When Ned finally retired, he blessed me with most of his gene pool. I've blended Ned's guys (and beliefs) with those of Granddad and my own ideas, resulting in dogs which consistently:
  • breed to type
  • are exceedingly intelligent
  • live to please humans
  • are affectionate
  • have extended attention spans (making them highly trainable)
  • possess strong pointing instincts
  • are extraordinary athletes with excellent foot speed
  • are extremely stylish
  • males average 45-55 pounds; females 35-45 pounds
  • make perfect companions and fulfill my definition of a “gentleman's shooting dog.”

Our Location

Our entire breeding operation occurs at my home, located about 20 minutes north of Reading, Pennsylvania and about 1.5 hours northwest of Philadelphia, from which all puppies are sold or shipped. We also train on several farms owned in that area.

In addition, we also own a training facility in North Carolina where youngsters go to be polished on wild quail. Rob Ecker, a professional trainer, assists in the training of started, “hunting broke” and steady-to-wing-and-shot (finished) gun dogs.


Celtic Farms & Kennels, Inc
Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Breeder
Paul Ober
234 North 6th Street
Reading, PA 19601
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