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Wildrose Kennels, MS


Wildrose specializes in producing classic hunting-retriever companions for the avid waterfowler and upland game enthusiast, as well as adventure dogs - the perfect complement to a family's outdoor lifestyle. Our proven training processes, The Wildrose Way, are founded upon well-established sporting dog principles which promote control, patient temperament, ease of handle, and the development of a dog's game-finding ability. We produce an authentic Gentleman's Gun Dog for the American wingshooter and an adventure dog, prepared to go anywhere.

The Wildrose Way is a proprietary training process designed to create a positive, productive relationship between the gun dog and the handler by establishing clear expectations for the retriever's calm behavior and performance, as well as a strong bond between the two. Our positive methods entrench essential behaviors and skills for the field that will endure a lifetime.

We customize our training curriculum to meet the specific developmental needs, abilities, and progress of each Labrador while keeping the owner's expectations as a priority. The Wildrose curriculum was developed for destination wingshooters to make each gun dog a personal hunting companion of distinction that one can be proud of in the blind and field, as well as in the home with the family.

What are the best ages for training?

Wildrose puppies are accepted into this basic gundog program as early as 7 months old. The training emphasizes all basic retriever skills, including extensive obedience, steadiness, honoring, marking, delivery conditioning, lining, memories, basic handling (hand signals), and steady to flush and/or requested skills for adventure dog activities. Dogs are exposed to various hunting terrain and environments (both land and water) and a variety of birds, including quail, chukar, duck, and pheasant. For the pup of average ability and temperament, the expected outcome is a quiet, responsive, obedient, hunting companion who is steady to shot, proficient in multiple retrieves in varied environments, and is reliable on hand signals with a good start on blind retrieves.

Our training grounds

The main Wildrose training facility is in Oxford, Mississippi with satellite sites in Jasper, Arkansas and Granite, Colorado. The 143-acre training grounds in Oxford, Mississippi include seven water sources, one seasonal stream, and a variety of fields and woodlands ideal for the development of outstanding waterfowl and upland game retrievers. We offer exposure to a variety of game, including ducks, quail, and pheasant, in the most realistic hunting environments possible to meet our clients' expectations.

Our 1750 sq. ft. healthcare facility offers the finest care for our puppies, dogs in training, and mature animals. An on-site veterinarian technician administers our comprehensive healthcare program staffed from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., 7 days a week. Individual health records are maintained on all litters and on each dog at Wildrose. Dogs in training receive a physical each month, including dental cleaning and nail care. Wildrose takes great pride in providing each dog with the finest nutritional diet, clean facilities, and proper health care.

The Wildrose river training facility is located in the Ozark Mountains along the Little Buffalo River in northwest Arkansas. The facility is located in the most rugged part of the Ozark Mountains, offering exceptional training opportunities for hunting dogs and adventurer canines.

Located at Clear Creek Ranch in Granite, Colorado, a 580-acre ranch—formerly an Orvis-Endorsed fly-fishing destination—is host to one of our summer training programs for advanced hunting dogs and adventure dog certification.

Our puppy program

Wildrose offers AKC registered puppies of 100% British and Irish genetics in black, fox red, yellow, and chocolate, supported by the most extensive developmental and health program available.

Each puppy is well socialized with daily human interaction, in a modern, comprehensive healthcare facility staffed by a full-time veterinarian technician and healthcare providers. Each puppy is exposed to our unique and comprehensive Super Learner Program and Super Scent Series. We socialize and pre-start all puppies as if we expect to train them. In fact, many do return for our training programs so we begin with this intention in mind.

Our started dog program

Background started dogs, 7 to 8 months old are well socialized for the home and field and are well started on obedience, double retrieves, delivery to hand, and have been introduced to water, feathers, and vehicular travel. These young prospects are individually raised in the home, house broken, and are crate trained.

Our seasoned dogs have completed our basic gundog course and are advanced in ability and ready for the field. They are steady to shot, reliable on hand signals, are competent on triple retrieves on land and water, and can complete short unseens. They have had exposure to both upland and waterfowl birds.

Our finished dog program

Wildrose Kennels offers the discerning retriever enthusiast the opportunity to field a Gentleman's shooting dog of the finest quality, fully trained on upland game or waterfowl to the exacting specifications of each client. These are custom-produced hunting companions. Each has had actual hunting experience, most being exposed to over 1,000 birds.

Our finished labs are splendid companions, given their calm temperament and biddable nature. Each retriever is custom trained to the client's specifications by natural methods, The Wildrose Way, without electric collars or force fetch. These are classic game finders equally at home on the pheasant drive and in the duck blind as they are pleasurable in the home with the family.

What is provided during training?

Boarding, premium food source, monthly health checks and grooming, and individualized training program specific to the client's expectations, an assigned trainer that will provide direct communication, diverse training environment that duplicate actual hunting conditions, a superb live bird program offering each client individualized options specific to their needs, onsite retail store with specialty training supplies, modern kennel facilities, staffing on site at all times, and individualized instruction for each client on site.

What you need to send with your dog?

The client will be required to complete veterinarian exam of your dog during the week before arriving at Wildrose, and each client is required to bring proof of current vaccinations.

Specific breeds that we train

British/Irish Labradors. Seminars and workshops are open to all breeds.

Dog evaluation period

Clients are contacted within 3 days after the arrival of the dog and will receive monthly updates on progress from the trainer. Clients are encouraged to visit the dog and learn along with the dog on a monthly basis. There are no washouts. Each dog will be trained to the maximum of his potential.


Wildrose Kennels, Inc.
Orvis-Endorsed Hunting Dog Trainer
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