Superfine Glass 5-weight 8' Fly Rod

This 5-weight fiberglass fly rod offers versatility combined with classic feel.


A versatile rod for the angler who fishes a wide variety of waters, the 8–foot 5–weight brings balance to your casting stroke with its crisp yet slow presentation. Fish a selection of flies in small to medium-sized waters; the supple feel of the Superfine Glass will change the way you interact with all species, from bass to trout. Landing a fish is an entirely new experience with the slow action of fiberglass, and anglers who try it once swear they'll never look back. This line size throws small dries and nymph rigs with aplomb, and is a standard for many anglers around the world.

Get ready to change the way you feel. We've applied modern Orvis taper design principles to a classic rod–building material to produce a 5–weight fiberglass fly rod that's smooth and slow, yet crisp and strong. The Superfine® Glass throws dry flies with a balanced touch and will even sling streamers when necessary. With unsanded S–2 fiberglass blanks, uplocking cork and silver reel seats, and a hard chrome Litewire stripping guide, no details were spared in the making of this soon–to–be classic. Proudly made in Manchester, Vermont.

Rod outfit includes:

  • Superfine Glass 805–3 Fly Rod
  • Battenkill III Reel – Black Nickel
  • Hydros Freshwater Fly Line - Willow
  • 125 yards of 20lb Dacron backing
  • Fiberglass rod tube
  • Best in Class - Dry Fly Fishing Rod awarded by the Gear Institute's Fly Fishing Experts.
    Gray's Best is considered one of the most prestigious sporting product awards and is chosen by the editors and staff at Gray's Sporting Journal.
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    Overall: Show Rating Distribution 4.8 / 5 based on 11 reviews


    11 of 11 reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.

    • 5/5

      Great Purchase - 4/23/2015
      By: from Central New Jersey

      Great Fly rod for any brook , stream , any type of water you want to fish .First time I used the compo I purchased from Orvis I caught trout , never used a fly rod before .Everyone should own one or two and have fun .

    • 5/5

      Greatest Full Flex Fly Rod - 4/13/2015
      By: from St. Paul, MN

      WOW! If I was limited to a one-word review, that's the word I would use. I've been fly fishing for a half century, and this 8' Superfine Glass fly rod is the smoothest, slowest, most pleasant casting and most pleasant fishing fly rod I've ever used, and I've owned many wonderful Orvis fly rods. Even a 5" bluegill is fun to catch! I've been using Orvis graphite rods ever since they came out, and they are wonderful, but who would have thought that we'd return full circle to fiberglass rods?! Graphite simply cannot match the incredible full-flex, slow, nostalgic action of fiberglass.

    • 5/5

      Smooth control - 4/11/2015

      I just stepped off the stream using my new Superfine Glass 5wt. Wow! Wow! This rod exceeded my expectations. Threw weighted nymphs with ease. Back cast and roll casts have to be slowed down but that's when the relaxation comes in. Not sure I want to use anything else! Great job Orvis.

    • 5/5

      Superfine Glass 8' 5wt - 3/24/2015
      By: from Washington State

      I took this rod out and fished the Yakima river last weekend. The rod outperformed my expectations by a mile. It was windy and I was still able to cast a nice loop. The rod has a fine touch to it and some hidden power. This is now my go to rod and I have to many to chose from.

    • 5/5

      Better than expected - 3/14/2015
      By: from Windham, ME

      I bought the 8' 5-weight after reading several online reviews. I haven't had the chance to fish it yet but I have played around with it in the yard this winter. I've tried several lines on this and I've found that a half size heavier is a hoot to cast on this rod. In the 30 to 40' range I was able to place the "yarn fly" exactly where I wanted it. I've owned other glass rods in the past and they don't even come close to the feel and accuracy of this one. The "build" of this rod is quite good and should please the most discerning angler.

    • 4/5

      good choice for a glass fly rod - 6/16/2014
      By: from Roy, Utah

      I purchased A 8' 5 wt Orvis Superfine glass rod and have taken it out a few times and enjoyed fishing with it. The rod has as slow action and amazing backbone. I own many fly rods but only use a few of them. I see myself growing old using this rod. Two thumbs up.

    • 5/5


    • 5/5

      Glass is not dead! - 4/7/2014
      By: from Missoula, MT

      I got the chance to fish this rod at the Orvis Rendezvous that was in Missoula MT. recently. I have never been a big fan of glass rods as I have always found them to be "noodley" BUT that is no longer the case. This rod blew me away! As an Outfitter I fish a lot of different rods and I can tell you that with out a doubt this is one of my new favorites. It casts like a dream. You can hit all your targets with ease and the feel you have when fighting fish is amazing. Great job Orvis. you have made this graphite die hard a fan of Glass! Joel Thompson

    • 5/5

      Worth the chance - 3/22/2014

      I took a chance and ordered my first Orvis rod and first Glass rod. I am so glad I did. The rod just feels great in your hand and the line (Hydros 3D) matches nicely spooled on my Clearwater III click/pawl reel. I get more than enough line out and it feels effortless. My rod tube came scratched up pretty good, like someone was bowling for dollars down a sidewalk? I still give this 5 stars as I was buying what was inside and not a tube, though Orvis should make a phone call to the people in charge of the rod tubes. Overall, I'm a happy camper with my purchase.

    • 4/5

      Almost maybe pretty darn good - 1/30/2014

      Much anticipated 805-3 arrived from Orvis authorized dealer. A few complaints (1) Fiberglass case had many longitudinal scratches (2) the otherwise beautiful and consistent unsanded blank exhibited two tiny bumps just below the tip-top wrap. Possibly errant epoxy? (3) Alignment dots blend into wrap color and are not very visible on section. These things were a concern to me, yet might not bother some. On the positive side - exceptional balance with a loaded 4.2 oz. reel, great cork and a wonderful, not-too-soft moderate action. 4 stars could have been five but for the mentioned cosmetic points.

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