Pattada Shepherd's Knife

This classic Italian pocket knife is distinctive and practical.


One of the most famous and useful Italian pocket knives made, handcrafted by knifemakers in the Dolomite Mountains of Maniago, Italy. Often used by Sardinian shepherds for its sturdiness and razor's-edge blade, this Pattada knife is completely handmade and its superior blade handhoned of stainless steel. Blond ox horn handle and solid steel bolsters and liners give a classic look and solid feel. Locally used for generations to carve bread, cheese, and sausage at picnics in the Sardinian forest, and to tend sheep and skin game. No lock, a true pocket knife. Genuine leather sheath.
Closed length: 4¼".
Opened length: 7½". with a 3¼" blade.


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