Jan's Stillwater Snail

Place your snail fly nymph in the path of any stillwater fish and get ready for action.


Snails are present in nearly every body of water across the country. In some lakes trout gorge themselves on Gastropoda, giving the fish the appearance of having a belly full of small stones. This soft hackle-style fly has just the right amount of weight to keep it in the zone – and in front of cruising fish. When fishing, bear in mind that snails move slowly, if they move at all. Best fished with an extremely slow retrieve or under an indicator.
Size 10.

Jan Nemec was a licensed fly-fishing guide before the tender age of 18. These days his love for fishing extends beyond the river to the art of fly tying, and from his Truckee, California, headquarters Nemec creates a host of practical patterns.

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