Hy-Flote Gel

Keep those flies above water with our deluxe fly-fishing floatant.


Hy-Flote Gel keeps your flies floating higher longer and it is easy to use and temperature stable. Unlike many floatants it won't harden in the cold or melt in the heat. Made in USA.


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  • 5/5

    Excellent Hy-Fote Gel - 8/17/2013
    By: from Alexandria, VA
    Top 10 Contributor

    As I noted in a review of the Orvis floatant system, the Hy-Flote gel is real gem of the system. It works best when applied to dry flies before fishing, and doing so enables them to ride higher and float longer before becoming saturated. When they do become saturated, I dry them using an amadou pad followed by a reapplication of the Hy-Flote gel. For best performance, simply rub a small dab of the gel between your fingers to warm, then rub the gel into the fly (especially the hackle) until absorbed. Tight lines.

  • 5/5

    Formerly skeptical - 7/28/2013
    By: from Taos, NM
    Top 500 Contributor

    I had reservations about this product never having used it before, but the Hy-Flote Gel works. For me it allows me to see my stimulator fly more easily as it tumbles through swift water while the nymph does it's work.

  • 5/5

    Excellent Floatant - 1/25/2013
    By: from San Jose, CA
    Top 10 Contributor

    Keeps the fly floating longer than many gel floatants I've used over the years. The best thing is that the consistency isn't affected by temperature changes too much. I've used too many that turn to liquid in heat and turn almost solid in cold. This doesn't have that problem.

  • 5/5

    A must have - 7/27/2012
    Top 1000 Contributor

    This product is great for use with dry flies, especially when used in conjunction with a high quality powdered floatant. I use it to start a fly off and then switch to powdered floatants after getting it wet for a while. I couldn't be happier with this product.

  • 5/5

    A Must Have - 5/2/2012
    By: from North Ga
    Top 50 Contributor

    It is a must have for dry flies. It last a long time and doesn't mess up the fly up at all.

  • 5/5

    A must have - 12/9/2011
    By: from Hawaii

    This product is a must have for any dry fly fisherman. Great product!

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