Men’s Leather Jackets

Fine leather clothing makes a statement unlike any other. If one could use only a single word to describe our men’s leather jackets, that word would be iconic. One design might evoke the history of brave early fighter pilots, another the storied silhouette of an American cowboy. Whatever particular impression a given leather waistcoat or jacket might make, all of these pieces convey an effortless sense of distinction.

Dashing ruggedness is the calling card of high-quality leather, which not only offers stunning good looks, but also performs at the highest level in all manner of weather. We have lightweight leather jackets for all-season wear and we have warmly lined leather coats ready to withstand winter’s worst. Our mid-weight lined leather jackets are the ideal outer garment during the transitional seasons, maintaining just the right temperature, and looking exceptionally handsome whilst they do it. Leather waistcoats perform the same essential functions, keeping your core warm with a layered look that is hard to beat.

When you buy leather apparel from Orvis, you get the benefit of more than a century’s experience outfitting sportsmen. Our specialists have developed relationships with suppliers of raw materials of the utmost quality, and work with established and esteemed tanneries that have been honing their trade for generations. Our designers think with great care through every aspect of our leather jackets, crafting them with a meticulous eye for detail and a deep understanding of your lifestyle. That’s why, when you slide into a men’s leather jacket from Orvis, it feels as though it was made just for you. That connection will only grow as you continue to wear your leather apparel, as it was designed to last a lifetime, resulting in a piece of clothing that is truly one of a kind.