Men's Clothing

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Quilted Work Jacket $169.00Sale: $134.00
Donegal Full-Zip Cardigan $229.00Sale: $179.00
Soft-top Jacket $129.00Sale: $109.00
Windcheater Jacket $250.00Sale: $149.00
Cove Crewneck Pullover $169.00Sale: $134.00
Windblock Fleece Jacket $159.00Sale: $124.00
Hebrides Scottish Tweed Sweater $198.00Sale: $139.0010% off Sale Price: $125.10
Cotton And Wool Tattersall $149.00Sale: $119.00
Ottoman Sportsman's Vest $159.00Sale: $124.00
Moleskin Field Pants $149.00Sale: $119.00
Scottish Tartan Trousers Multiple colors available
$169.00Sale: $134.00
Upland Britain Cloth Pants $149.00Sale: $119.00
Wellington Supercord Pants $169.00Sale: $134.00
Country Tweed Vest $198.00Sale: $154.00
Wool/Leather Plaid Ivy Cap $149.00Sale: $109.0010% off Sale Price: $98.10
Phillip Sweater $250.00Sale: $189.0010% off Sale Price: $170.10
Moleskin Field Shirt $250.00Sale: $199.00
Cotton And Wool Tattersall $149.00Sale: $119.0010% off Sale Price: $107.10
Covert Cloth Manor House Pant $275.00Sale: $179.0010% off Sale Price: $161.10
Barbour Weymouth Half Zip $199.00Sale: $159.0010% off Sale Price: $143.10
Bolton Wax Cloth Jacket $275.00Sale: $189.00