Slippers & Socks

Women's Slippers & Socks

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Women’s Slippers and Socks

Treat your feet to cozy comfort with our women’s slippers and socks. If anything can make it a pleasure to get out of bed, it’s a fine pair of slippers. When you wake up on a cool morning, there is no more deluxe accessory to have on hand. Rather than bracing against the cold touch of the floor on bare feet, you get to look forward to soft luxury, and start the day with your best foot forward. Some of our slippers for women are designed for indoor/outdoor wear, so you can carry that cozy feeling with you even as you pop out the door to grab the paper.

Where the slippers leave off, our women’s socks take over. A good selection of socks is simply indispensable. A well-designed pair will keep your feet warm—but without overheating, or holding onto moisture—and will fit perfectly, staying in place all day long without requiring adjustment. The fit of our socks for women is designed to strike the perfect balance between being firm enough to stay put, and also being loose enough to allow free and comfortable circulation. Crafted from materials that naturally balance the temperature of your feet, our selection offers true all-day comfort.