Gokey Shoes & Boots

Gokey Boots & Shoes

Rectangle Orvis Dog's Nest® $79.00 - $129.00Sale: $69.00 - $119.00
Round Orvis Dog's Nest® $69.00 - $109.00Sale: $59.00 - $98.00
Round Orvis Dog's Nest® $69.00 - $109.00Sale: $54.00 - $98.0040% off Sale Price: $32.40

Gokey Shoes for Men

Serious footwear for serious men. Crafted right here in the USA, Gokey shoes are some of the finest to be found anywhere in the world. Gokey craftsmen approach the construction of each pair with skillful dedication, and it shows. Handmade from superior bullhide, Gokey shoes for men are marvels of durability, taking rough roads and heavy action in stride without missing a step. Thick and heavy, their leather is remarkably robust, providing exceptional protection and work-worthiness. Because of this, you might think that it would take significant time and effort to break in your Gokey boots—but there you would be wrong. Gokey bullhide is incredibly supple, conforming to your foot like a second skin, making it ultra-comfortable from the inside, while remaining nigh impenetrable from the outside. Because the men who wear them wouldn’t want to wear anything else, Gokey designs are crafted in different designs to span all lifestyles. Like a handsome leather jacket, Gokey boat shoes for men have all of the comfortable durability that you would expect of our most rugged pair, while also projecting an effortless air of refinement that appears perfectly at home at the office or a fine restaurant. They are the ideal pair to wear when you’ll be moving from country to city and back again, or vice versa. Then again, you might say the same of our Gokey boots, too. With their commanding presence and hard-wearing designs, each pair communicates a rugged sophistication not often encountered. The first time you lace up your pair, you’ll understand why Gokey shoes have been the preferred footwear of sportsmen for many decades.