Pants & Jeans

Wrinkle-Free Cotton Pinpoint Shirt $69.00 - $79.00Sale: $54.00
ToughChew® Round Dog Bed $129.00 - $279.00Sale: $103.00 - $223.00
Edible Birdhouse $79.00Sale: $39.00
Bozeman Corduroy Pants $129.00Sale: $109.00
Wine Barrel Lazy Susan $139.00 - $149.00
Mirage Reels $425.00 - $545.00

Women’s Pants and Jeans

Our collection of women’s pants offers every style you could need to walk through the world with carefree grace. Our pants for women are wildly versatile. So many factors combine to determine whether a pair feels breezy or formal, casual or posh, from the pleating or lack thereof, to the fabric, color, and fit. At Orvis, we have decades of experience working with fabrics of all weights and fibers, and we’ve offered thousands of trouser designs. We create women’s pants that embody the best of all worlds.

You’ll find exceptional quality in every item in this collection, from our women’s jeans to our Capris. Our cotton pants for women combine good comfort and great looks. Whatever the weather, and whatever your plans, we have a pair that will work perfectly. Our women’s linen pants are stunningly flexible, offering sophisticated polish to any look while wearing like a breeze, whether in our more fitted or in our drawstring styles. If linen isn’t lightweight enough, we have a line of women’s cropped pants that will help you beat the heat. Our travel pants for women will –take you around the world and back, without missing a beat or catching a crinkle—they pack down to nearly nothing in your luggage, and offer such great looks with so little effort involved, you might just wear them all the time. Whether you’re planning to circumnavigate the globe or to conquer the garden, we have a pair of women’s pants that will keep you comfortable in style.