Dream Lounger Memory Foam Dog Bed $149.00 - $325.00Sale: $119.00 - $259.00
Dog Couch Protector $169.00 - $250.00
Wraparound Dog Bed $79.00 - $159.00
ToughChew® Dog Bed $129.00 - $279.00
Personalized Adjustable Dog Collar $19.95 - $30.002 or more, each: $15.00
Backseat Protector $125.00 - $149.00

Women’s Sleepwear

Women’s sleepwear might not immediately pop into the mind when you consider the foremost articles of clothing in your wardrobe, but a good night’s sleep is key to a great day ahead, and the right sleepwear is the key to getting a good night’s sleep. So you see, a good pair of pajamas or two may in fact be the most important articles of clothing that you own. That’s why the same rigorous design process and exceptional materials that Orvis calls upon in the construction of our most technical sporting gear is also brought to bear when we design nightwear for women. We craft all of our sleepwear from materials of the highest quality, in blends specifically formulated for night-time comfort. The fabrics used for our women’s nightshirts are soft and sewn for smooth comfort without bumpy seams. Orvis dressing gowns for women are designed with great care to create a piece of indoor apparel so completely cozy, you’ll think twice about leaving the house. Offered in various easy-on, easy-off styles for optimal convenience, our robes are also available in various weights to keep you at just the right temperature all year round. Whether you’re looking for a comfy robe or a night dress, Orvis has the women’s sleepwear you need.