Tent Sale items are gradually discounted over time. Depending on when you buy, you can save an extra 20%, 30%, 40% off the item's sale price. Today's extra discount: 40% off the sale price.

The Orvis Tent Sale

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Wrinkle-Resistant Floral-Trimmed White Shirt $79.00Sale: $54.0030% off Sale Price: $37.80
Seersucker Striped Two-Button Blazer $129.00Sale: $64.0030% off Sale Price: $44.80
Confetti-Print Ruched-Waist Dress $89.00Sale: $69.0030% off Sale Price: $48.30
Gateways Travel-Luxe Long-Sleeved Shirt $98.00Sale: $59.0030% off Sale Price: $41.30
Watercolor Floral Shirt $79.00Sale: $59.0030% off Sale Price: $41.30
Perfect White Pants $79.00Sale: $59.0030% off Sale Price: $41.30