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Bissett's Mud Bug $3.9520% off Sale Price: $3.16
Cermele's Master Splinter $3.9520% off Sale Price: $3.16
King's Tactical Outrigger Emerger $2.7520% off Sale Price: $2.20
S.C.O.F. Sick Little Monkey $3.9520% off Sale Price: $3.16
Baile's Panther Creek Hopper $2.7520% off Sale Price: $2.20
S.C.O.F. Tailer Trash $3.9520% off Sale Price: $3.16
King's Tactical Humpback Caddis $2.7520% off Sale Price: $2.20
Tactical Usual $2.2520% off Sale Price: $1.80
Lexi's Tactical Para Emerger $2.7520% off Sale Price: $2.20
Josh's Tactical Reaper Midge $2.2520% off Sale Price: $1.80
Mangum's Sleeping Beauty
$6.9520% off Sale Price: $5.56
Beel's Bearded Wonder $6.9520% off Sale Price: $5.56
Villwock's Over Easy Sculpin $6.9520% off Sale Price: $5.56
Reece's Beefcake Stone $2.7520% off Sale Price: $2.20
King's Tactical CDC Stone $2.7520% off Sale Price: $2.20
Callahan's Stabili Shrimp $3.9520% off Sale Price: $3.16

Our new fly-fishing flies have something for every angler, whether you're looking for freshwater nymphs or large saltwater baitfish patterns. Here you will find a variety of new flies such as crabs, poppers, streamers, terrestrials, scuds and other fly-fishing patterns. Be sure to try the new tungsten beadhead flies for fishing in deeper water columns for trout and bass. This selection of flies come in multiple sizes and colors with flies made from a variety of new materials. These flies are designed by professional fly fishermen and fly-tying experts who bring new life to fly fishing. Freshen up your fly box with a few new fly patterns and test them out on your favorite piece of water.