Fly Reels: The beauty of fly fishing lies in its simplicity. A rod, reel, line, flies—the sport can be as straightforward or as complex as you care to make it. Whether you are looking to purchase your first reel or hoping to add a large-arbor to your collection before the next trip to Belize, Orvis has you covered. Because there is no better sound than the scream of a reel when your prey decides to run.

Best of the Best:
Seasoned or new anglers looking for the best fresh and saltwater fly reels.

Mirage Reels Hyrdos Reels

Expand Your Options:
Passionate anglers with a developing skill set who log long hours on the water.

CFO Reels Access Reels

Tried and True:
Performance that saves the rest of your budget for flies and road trips.

Clearwater Reels Battenkill Reels