Gulf Coast - South Padre Island, Texas Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
Reported by Swan Point Landing
Fly Fishing Map of Gulf Coast, TX
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Gulf Coast - South Padre Island, Texas Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
My tips of the week
On calm, early to mid- day walks as water warm and sun gets higher, go to longer leaders (up to 12') to keep flyline's belly away from laid up, skinny water fish. Consider a 6 or seven weight for walks .. Try Slow, quiet top waters (deer hair, foam) on afternoon cruising fish on clean shorelines then grizzly seaducers with mono or small bead chain eyes w/ little to NO flash (size 2 and smaller).... move to larger tan, griz, ginger or gray seaducers fishing from skiff , proactively hitting potholes at end of your casting range The shallower the water, go less noisy on topwater retrieves, but keep them moving,try to mimic local mullet activity and movements.... Time to try larger topwaters / big seaducers/ clousers early over 2-3' grass flats near ICWW before sun gets high enough to sight cast, and floating grass kicks in, the same with East cut at Port Mansfield...trout to 28" on edges of ICWW before the Arroyo.... Try to stay with redfish that may have refused your first cast until they are out of range , they could forget 20 seconds later and eat.
Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Gulf Coast is currently Good

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Fishing conditions: LLM Is hypersaline 125 mile long lagoon with skinny water grass flats and an eastern white sand shoreline up to a mile wide , sliced in two by the East Cut at Port Mansfield with access to Mansfield jetty and near inshore fish, Port Isabel and Port Mansfield offer jetty fisheries for snook and tarpon with summer/ fall front of gulf front beach fish available too after temps reach 75* thru late November..

Inshore temperature: 83 Degrees F

Offshore temperature: 85 Degrees F

Type of bait fish are feeding on: The dominant bait will be the small white shrimp in Spring / summer months with mullet and crab and turns to mullet/ baitfish / sand eels patterns in the winter months. Olive kwan.-type seaducer crabs #4, along with mullet and pinfish patterns near drop-offs of the ICWW. Mud crabs in dark olive , size 4 are now common. FInger mullet 2" -4", (imitated w/ white and white / gray bead head seaducers, woolhead mullet #2 ) are prime targets on potholes, prop scars and drop-offs (blind casting situations)....try white and/ or chartreuse flies (easier to see at 30 to 60' intercept points) until fish refuse, then go to tan, tan/ white, GINGER, grizzly, BLACK and gray in all patterns and sink rates....

Fish species: Redfish, sea trout, snook, black drum sheepshead tarpon mackeral

Fishing season: January 1 - December 31 (Prime: March 1 - November 30)

Nearest airport: Harlingen TX or Brownsville, TX

Gulf Coast, South Padre Island Description

Located in south Texas at the tip of Texas, South Padre Island is known as the Texas Riviera

The Fishing in this area is know for its flats that run north for sixty five miles. The average water depth is 30 inches and it hyper-salinity allows large speckled Trout and large numbers of redfish to flourish. Along the jetties (Port Mansfield and Boca Chica / SPI) one can catch Jack Crevalle( 10-35#) ...

Techniques & Tips

Fish that were on batifish now turning to small white and tan shrimp and small impressionistic olive and black crabs in Spring> May> September,, Go to longer leaders and 1X to 2X fluoro for fussy,white sand fish....consider small hairbugs (#1 to #6) and small poppers on crawling fish as later afternoon The TPW 5 trout / day on lower Texas coast continues to bring better than average fish to statewide With 15" minimum and only ONE female* trout a day over 25" * most trout over 23" are females, let em go!

7-Day Forecast

Mandatory Kill switch regs. NOW in effect for TX boats, at faster than headway speeds for 2019/ 2020 partly to mostly sunny hot most of the week with SE winds to 20 thru next week expect.tides to above normal with Friday Full moon and steady SE Winds Check local chambers in South padre Is., Port Mansfield, and Port Aransas for updates on Holiday access to ramps,, dining and lodging guidelines during CV-19 try wtd. tan/ grizzly streamers and white shrimp patterns for picky mid -day redfish trout to 29' last week on tan / yellow toad patterns on south side of East Cut and ICWW east edges. small to medium snook in Brownsville ship channel taking chartreuse streamers on sink tips banging the banks along with small jacks...first of season tarpon will be showing on Boca Chica channel and Port Mansfield jetties/ front beach as water temps >80*

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