Gulf Coast - Rockport, Texas Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
Reported by Swan Point Landing
Fly Fishing Map of Gulf Coast, TX
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Gulf Coast - Rockport, Texas Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
My tips of the week
Occasionally check hook points, loop knots, and loosening rod sections, and WORK! A bit of late afternoon grinding just might produce that "spotted gray sub" of the season on cork, foam and deer hair topwaters CONCENTRATE ! Theses girls don't come easy or often, but it makes it that much better when it comes together!! Take boat or kayak NOISE out of your stalk..... when winds are high, look for clear to slightly off color lee shorelines, walk slow and make the first cast count. Make sure running line is instantly transferred to rod hand's forefinger for ASAP skinny-water eats, while prospecting!! More importantly, if the first cast is off, QUIETLY pick up line leader and fly and put on future path of fish. Hold slow sinking flies in path until fish comes and then twitch them AWAY from fish. Be mindful of early AM long shadows that you cast from boat , while covering water., you don;t have to pole from platform early if fish are spooking off your taller approach ..pole from the deck for lower profile and shorter AM shadows
Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Gulf Coast is currently Good

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Fishing conditions: . go to 2-3' of 15# flurocarbon tippet off nylon leaders, for better sink rate and less visibility. Get out and walk when high winds make your boat or kayak a noisy liabililty WIth low sun go to shallower flats and look for waking or tailing fish, V shaped tails are mullet from finger size 3" to 18" "horse" mullet...... large bodied wakes or "mud stirs" usually kicked up by gamefish....

Inshore temperature: 80 Degrees F

Offshore temperature: 88 Degrees F

Type of bait fish are feeding on: Despite a good drop of blue crabs with the rain in May '15 and 2016, finger mullet and small white shrimp will be main course thru early summer months, while fish still eating well-cast dark crabs in black, olive and brown (2-4) Cover water blind, early with large white baitfish patterns and sight cast with smaller versions / seaducers and go to crabs if fish get picky....clearing water asks for fluoro tippets and consider, leaders up to 12' w/ 12>16# fluoro tippets on calm mornings walking down wind

Fish species: Redfish, sea trout, tarpon, mackeral jack crevalle

Fishing season: January 1 - December 31 (Prime: March 1 - November 30)

Nearest airport: Corpus Christi, Tx

Gulf Coast, Rockport Description

Located just north of Corpus Christi, Tx. Known for it's vast shallow flats that run north and south and to the east towards the gulf. Super shallow running boats are required to fish this area and some areas (Redfish Bay) are protected from prop scarring. Redfish and speckled trout are the primary targetts in this area. In the late summer, ladyfish, Tarpon, Jack crevalle, spanish and king mackeral are ...

Techniques & Tips

Use large streamers and topwaters early before floating grass picks up... move to sight-casting mode with sun around 8:30 to 4:00.... Get OUT of the boat when you have bait and know fish are there, Check white sand/ grass flats mid-day for cruising, sunning trout with long leaders (up to 12' and 12#) and small wtd flies (Blind Chicken, White, gray, and ginger bead-eye seaducers 2-4) and small dark ( #4 black and purple) crabs...stay with picky , cool fish until they are out of range, go to grizzly, tan, and black flies on picky fish

7-Day Forecast

hot sunny to partly cloudy with SE winds to 15 /20 thru middle of next week tides back to normal with steady SE winds. with possible effects from disturbance in eastern Gulf and full moon this Tuesday (7/16)... off color rain water in back sloughs with 3" of rain draining from last week . blindcasting grinders on overcast water near ICWW, small to 25" reds podding up in grassy lakes, feeding on small white shrimp... getting trout to 25" on White, tan and gray large seaducers...reports of fly caught Spanish Mackerel and jackfish blow ups on Port A jetties, tarpon to 50# , king and Spanish Mackerel should be on jetty areas now thru Halloween. Port Aransas South Jetty maybe closed to foot traffic with Army Corps pipeline to be laid nearby consider wading to lower profile going thru shallow lakes and skinny flats, lots of low salinity sea grass growing and hampering access...... consider leaders to 16# or more for fish and a few pounds of grass on leader... poling from deck, some clear water holding no fish and slightly off color water holding many fish try early AM top water and mid-water for trout to mid 20"s on seaducers + cork, foam, or deer topwaters .please fight fish to be released quickly, and gently release large female trout (Males grunt when held and most trout over 22" are females) fish have been finicky with good anglers grinding out a dozen fish with many refusals.. please boat, paddle, and wade with caution as many landmarks, duck blinds, markers, and buildings on/ near water are gone and may have ended up somewhere else, Running your boat sitting down may be hazardous.. try tan, olive, and black crab, seaducers, clousers sizes 4, 2 and 1 and go to all grizzly "roadkills" for picky fish...cover water with baitfish patters to 2/o with or w/o weight on low water near drop offs and ICWW..check ICWW edges late for fish crawling up to warm and eat on low barge traffic days The ANWRefuge is CLOSED to inland boat traffic 8/27 /17 until future notice Refuge whooping cranes have migrated north for the summer....

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