Falling Springs, Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
Reported by Mike Heck
Fly Fishing Map of Falling Springs, PA
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Falling Springs, Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
My tips of the week
Fishing has been good. Nymphs and streamers are your best bets. While fishing be on the lookout for any rising trout. There is some dry fly activity but spotty. Tippets been running 3x for streamers, 4x for nymphs 6-7x for dries. Best fishing has been in town to edwards. Stay away from spawning browns. There is some areas they have been spawning. Still time to get a 1/2 day or 6 hours in. I'm still guiding but at winter raters. 6 hours $150.00/1 $225/2. Call or e-mail me. FSB and many other streams still fishing well.
Fishing Report Last Updated:
12 / 6 / 2018
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Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Falling Springs is currently Excellent

Orvis-Endorsed guides nearby:
Tom Baltz

Water flow: normal

Visibility: 26 inches

Water temperature at mid-day: 52 Degrees F

Water condition: Clear

Best time of day to fish: 7-dusk

Best stretch: The entire stream fishes well. The weeds in the upper reaches can make it hard to lure the trout out if the angler is not accustomed to fishing in and around weedbeds. The lower end has less weeds which makes it more popular than the upper meadows.

Best access point: Greenway Meadow- At the parking lot is a sign that shows all the acess points on the Falling Springs. Downstream try Limekiln Dr. The Falling Spring has two special regulation sections. First is the fly fishing only section of 3.3 miles long from the headwaters downstream to the wire at Geisle Funeral home. Here you will find the famouse natural reproducing wild rainbows and brown trout. The downtown section is a delayed harvest and is full of many natural reproducing browns and a few rainbows along with holdover browns and stocked browns. For now the Skelly property is posted and the once "Galen Powers" property is now posted.

Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:

Midges are hatching daily. Black and tan caddis mid-morning on Sulphurs. One thing with spring creeks is have a handfull of cress bugs and shrimp (AKA scuds). These two underwater insects are abundant and provide year rounf food for trout. One of the best patterns is my Simple Shrimp which works on both spring creeks and tailwaters across the country.

Fish species: Trout

Fishing season: Year Round (Prime: February 15 - October 31)

Nearest airport: Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI)

Techniques & Tips

The stream can be fished in many ways-nymphs dries and streamers. The stream is clear in the upper meadows and a little tinted in town. Weed growth is spotty. Some meadows are fully engrossed while others are lacking winter weeds. I have been fishing nymphs off 4X, streamer off 3X and dries on 6X. The trout are even more skittish this time of year. Approach with caution!

7-Day Forecast

Visit the weather channel for more information. Cold weather looks to be moving in on Sunday.

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