Esopus Creek, New York Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
Fly Fishing Map of Esopus Creek, NY
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Esopus Creek, New York Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
My tips of the week
The Esopus is currently starting to recede and clear after last week's heavy rain. There is still limited wading. Insect activity has increased with a mix of terrestrials and aquatic species. On the terrestrial side the grass hoppers are abundant and flying ants are now starting to show up in good numbers as well. On the aquatic insect side the Isonychia and Blue Winged Olive appear to be the dominate hatches currently. Now is the perfect time to fish a hopper dropper rig. My favorite rig is a Dave's Hopper with a Bead Head Pheasant tied about a foot behind. Make sure you have to have a variety of sizes of each in your fly box to match the hatch.
Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Esopus Creek is currently Excellent

Orvis-Endorsed guides nearby:

Water flow: 397 CFS

Visibility: 24 inches

Water temperature at mid-day: 51 Degrees F

Water condition: Clear

Best time of day to fish: Early mornings and late evenings

Best stretch: Stretch behind the Emerson Resort

Best access point: Public parking on the east end of the Emerson

Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:

Terrestrials Caddis Small Olives Sulphers Isonychia

Fish species: Trout

Fishing season: April 1 through November 30

Nearest airport: Stewart International

Esopus Creek Description

The Esopus Creek is located in the north eastern Catskills and is one of many tailwater streams that link together the extensive reservoir system which supplies New York City with some of the purest drinking water on the planet.The main source of water comes from the Schoharie Reservoir and the stream travels several miles to flow directly into the Ashocan Reservoir. The flow of water from the Schoharie Reservoir ...

Techniques & Tips

With the high water conditions most fish have moved into the slack water at the end of runs and along the stream banks. Not only is it unsafe to wade right now there is no need to because the fish are right at your feet. It would be best to fish with heavy nymphs or good size streamers due to the high water. Cast your fly of choice into the faster water and allow it to swing into the slack water along the bank. If you do not get a hit in the swing slowly strip the fly upstream keeping it tight to the bank. You will be surprised how many nice fish are tucked tight to the bank right now.

7-Day Forecast

The week will be very fall like with daytime temperatures reaching only the lower fifties. There will be yet another chance of rain early in the week, but most of the week should be rain free. The Esopus is mainly clear right now and fishing very well. Water levels and temperatures are looking very good for the fall fishing.

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