Cape Cod - Buzzard Bay Area, Massachusetts Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
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Fly Fishing Map of Cape Cod, MA
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Cape Cod - Buzzard Bay Area, Massachusetts Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
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I love a good book, whether e book or print. Lately i've been reading a book called "Flies for Connecticut Atlantic Salmon, How to Tie and Fish Them" by Ben Bilello. I can honestly say its the best book i've come across on fly fishing for land locked / brood stock salmon. Its wonderfully written and masterfully photographed and illustrated. Check it out in the itunes bookstore or on Ben's site in PDF format. ~anthony lombardo
Fishing Report Last Updated:
12 / 4 / 2018
Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Cape Cod is currently Just OK

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Fishing conditions: Salt water fishing has come to an end, unless you know where to find the holdover stripers. There are still migrating fish hanging around in South County RI if you want to make the drive. The Fall stocking for trout has ceased, however most of the kettle ponds do not freeze so there should be good trout fishing for a while. It seems not many fish were stocked this fall so the ones that are around got educated pretty fast. Use light tippet with small flies and fish the low light hours. The native brook trout are spawning now. If you know where to find them now is a great time to hit those small streams, especially with all the rain we have been having. Expand your horizons, now is a great time to take you saltwater 8 weights and head to Western New York for steelhead. ~anthony lombardo

Inshore temperature: 44 Degrees F

Offshore temperature: 44 Degrees F

Type of bait fish are feeding on:

Fish species: Trou, Anadromous

Fishing season: 2018

Nearest airport: Logan Airport Boston, MA or Green Airport Warwick, RI

Cape Cod Buzzard Bay Description

The beautiful and productive waters of Buzzard Bay run from the west end of the Cape Cod Canal in Bourne, near the Massachusetts Maritime Academy westward to Falmouth and the Elizabeth Islands. This unique and varied body of water includes the deep water channel of the Cape Cod Canal, numerous estuaries, flats and back bays. The diversified bottom structures include sandy drop-offs, bolder strewn edges, eel ...

Techniques & Tips

For kettle pond trout, 6x/7x might be necessary now. The trout that are still around will be away from the stocking points by now. Fish the drop-offs, peninsulas, and submerged structure. Look for rising fish around sunrise and sunset. For wild and native trout, tread lightly, stay off the redds, and use small natural looking nymphs. ~anthony lombardo

7-Day Forecast

Winter will be upon us soon, so; GET OUT THERE!!! ~anthony lombardo

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