Lake Champlain, Vermont Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
Reported by Drew Price
Fly Fishing Map of Lake Champlain, VT
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Lake Champlain, Vermont Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
My tips of the week
The shallow sand flats are on fire right now! Carp, smallmouth and drum are feeding well and don't forget a light rod for panfish action!
Fishing Report Last Updated:
7 / 7 / 2020
Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Lake Champlain is currently Hot!

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Water flow: 94.86

Visibility: 60 inches

Water temperature at mid-day: 70 Degrees F

Water condition: Clear

Best time of day to fish: All day- afternoon best for pike but that will change as the water warms.

Best stretch: There are simply too many to list in a lake 120 miles long.

Best access point:

Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:

Fish species: Carp, bass, northern pike, pickerel, panfish, perch, bowfin, freshwater drum, longnose gar

Fishing season: Lake Champlain is open to fishing year round

Nearest airport: Burlington International

Lake Champlain Description

The shallow waters of Lake Champlain and its lower tributaries hold a bounty of warm water fishes for the fly angler. Best accessed with a canoe, kayak or other watercraft this body of water is quite foreboding but when taken in smaller segments excellent fishing can be found. Vermont Fish and Wildlife Access points are an easy means to launch along the many bays, setbacks and rivers from Missisquoi Bay to ...

Techniques & Tips

Sight fishing is on! Gar, bowfin, carp, bass, panfish, bullhead, pickerel, tench... all sorts of fish are shallow and willing to take flies. Definitely time to take advantage of the clear water and warm weather. Sunny days are best. Poppers and sliders are great for bass and panfish, specialized gar flies for those toothy predators, little buggers catch almost everything, and it is getting to be about time to watch for the Hex hatch. In deeper water there are few better flies than the Clouser minnow! In Chartreuse and white, olive and white, pink and white, blue and white (you get the idea!). Size 4 to 2/0 gets the job done with a long leader on a floating line or on a sink tip or full sink. If you are in the weeds don't be afraid of putting on a wire trace to keep the pike from getting some unwanted facial piercings. Great time to be on the lake!

7-Day Forecast

Fishing is hot! The warm water has fish moving. Pike have moved deeper but plenty of other options in the shallows! Bowfin, bass, panfish and carp are all on right now.

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