Salmon River, Idaho Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
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Fly Fishing Map of Salmon River, ID
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Salmon River, Idaho Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions
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Fishable daylight hours - 8:30AM-4:30PM MST COVID-19: Fishing is still allowed in Idaho, and we encourage you to fish! However, the service in the communities are essential only and extremely limited. Please be respectful of social distancing and bring as much supplies with you as you can, so as to not strain the limited local supplies and to not expose residents. Steelhead: A few steelhead are trickling in and can be found on flat runs. You'll need to cover lots of water, so spey if you can. We nymphed a few runs but weren't able to cover enough water with the current conditions and that method. Chinook Salmon - springers were short but good. Watch out for Redd's. please Do Not fish around or Tread on Redd's They are your only hope for the fish of tomorrow
Fishing Conditions

Fly Fishing Salmon River is currently Good

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Water flow: 3770

Visibility: 40 inches

Water temperature at mid-day: 37 Degrees F

Water condition: Clear

Best time of day to fish: Sunrise to 11am, 3pm to dusk

Best stretch: Lucille to White Bird

Best access point: Various boat ramps

Fly fishing hatches in order of importance:

Eggs and shrimp-like flies

Fish species: steelhead, Chinook Salmoon, Smallmouth

Fishing season: Open all year bass, special regs for Steelhead and Salmon.

Nearest airport: Boise

Person Fishing in a stream

Salmon River Description

The Salmon River is the longest free flowing river within a states borders in the continental U.S. Consisting of the 2nd deepest canyon in North America from its mouth on the western border of Idaho to its granite peaks upwards of 10,000 ft. at its headwaters in Stanley Basin. This is the farthest inland anadromous fisheries running 800 miles from the Pacific Ocean. World famous for its steelhead and Chinook ...

Techniques & Tips

See F&G Rules and Regulations for updated seasons and restrictions. Steelhead (January 1st - May 15th?; August 1-31st Catch & Release; September 1st - December 31st): Swinging egg sucking leeches, green butt skunks, and anything purple in tail outs and smaller runs is working well. Use sink tips around T-8 - T-14. Also anything big and black or purple has been great. We've also been putting beads above swinging flies, green and red seem to be hits. Get low in the flow with sink tips. Nymphing has also been productive, but has to be a bit deeper. Bass - fish around rocky points with low/no current, willow bushes, and steady eddies. Streamers are still good, but poppers are turning on Chinook Salmon (04/? - 06/03) - Springers are done, but fall fish here. Egg patterns, as well as anything shrimp like. Work the eddy seams below ripples, get low in the fast water, and work down the eddy. Find the submerged bars and fish behind them for pooled up fish.

7-Day Forecast

Water is getting colder. Clear and not much precip, so get in at low light and work tailouts, or go deep. We've hooked some fish in runs and tailouts on sunny days, which has been an exception.

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