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Browse our collection of fly-fishing books and DVDs to find valuable resources that help you learn to fish, or to discover new fly-fishing regions. Orvis guides, including fly-fishing instructional books, DVDs, and Orvis fly-tying techniques, are designed to help beginners develop their skills and veterans improve their fishing with smart tips and tricks. If you're looking to learn the waters in a new area or even your own backyard, our fly-fishing guides for different states and regions offer expert knowledge and tips on how to fish the local waters within an easy-to-use guide book. Our guides to trout fishing will give you helpful insight about where to cast, as well as explain technical details specific to fly fishing for trout. Improve and refine your skills with nymph fishing books, fly-tying guides, and knot-tying books that feature essential and advanced fly-fishing knots. Filled with advice from the experts, these books and DVDs break down seasons, hatches, and regional details to share wisdom it might take decades to acquire on your own. Before you hit the water, make sure to improve your fly-fishing knowledge with Orvis books and DVDs for anglers at every skill level.