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A collection of photos and an old bamboo rod on a battered wood table

In gear closets, shelves, sheds, and mudrooms across the world are Orvis heirlooms

held onto by Orvis Associates, guides, and brand fans alike. Handed down, coveted, and lovingly cared for, these icons of decade-old fishing adventures, cross-country road trips, paddling missions, and shoreline dog walks hold the memory of our experiences and weave a storyline that evolves from one generation to the next.

Simon Perkins hugs his daughter with one hand while holding an 80-year old bamboo rod in the other.

“My Grandfather Leigh Perkins gave me this Orvis bamboo rod built in the 1940s.

It’s the same rod his mother gave him, and when he cast it for the first time, he knew he wanted to go work for Orvis. And he did, growing the business for over 40 years, which is a history still in the making. Today this rod tells the tale of a passion handed down through four generations, as I share with my kids what it means, what it stands for, and what it inspires—because one day it, both the rod and the legacy, will be theirs.”

Gifts for This Generation—and Those to Come

Ashley Smith, wearing a backpack, plays with her children on the shore

Ashley’s Backpack

An attorney, scholar, activist, and co-founder of the non-profit Minority Outdoor Alliance, Ashley Smith leads a hectic life, and she seeks the outdoors as a place to renew and rejuvenate. There's no one she likes to enjoy these experiences with more than her children, August and Avery. Her Orvis backpack goes along on every adventure, helping her to share the wonder and awe of nature with the kids, offering them experiences and lessons that will last a lifetime.

Give the Gift of Adventure

Will Hereford with a camera in his hand squats on a rock in the mountains

My family has been lifelong lovers of Orvis.

When my father passed in February, 2021, we all (amicably) fought over the Orvis camouflage hunting jacket that belonged to him, and prior to that, my late grandfather Frank Hereford, who was an avid angler, wingshooter, and president of the University of Virginia for about 20 years. I remember my dad and grandfather both wearing thast jacket: my grandfather in a duck blind when he was a kid and my father in New Orleans in the years before he died. Keeping that jacket in the family not only brings back fond memories of both men, it will create new stories as time goes on.

A woman wearing an Orvis baseball cap lounges with her two dogs on their dog beds

Miriam’s Dog Bed

The faded, well-loved dog bed in the home of Orvis Seattle Store Manager Miriam Leino is more than just a place for her dogs Denali and Finn to curl up after long days tackling trails and romping through rivers. Purchased new by Miriam’s parents when she was just nine years old, the bed has provided welcome rest for the family’s Labs and goldens over the years, and will no doubt be there for future best friends to come.

Start a Tradition of Comfort

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This holiday season, remember your gift helps celebrate the adventure and wonder in nature, now and for years to come.

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Two anglers in full winter gear trudge through deep snow to water