Products and solutions that perform in the field and surpass expectations.

Pride of ownership is a key value at Orvis. As a leader in fly fishing for more than 160 years, we've been at the forefront of developing high-performance equipment and gear to get people on the water. But innovation isn’t always about solving the unsolvable—at times, it’s about crafting products in ways that surprise and delight. To Orvis, innovation is the key to making the world’s best fly rods, made-to-order dog beds, and the ultimate indestructible waders.

A woman handling an Orvis dog bed

Just For Your Pup

A dog bed is more than just a comfortable place for your canine companion to sleep. It’s an important place of refuge, a place to recover after activity, and a training tool. Orvis dog beds, designed and constructed in the U.S.A., are what your best friend deserves.

Fly Rods

Fly fishing allows us to experience the natural world in all its glory. At the core of the sport are the tools used to get the job done. Whether your passion lies in casting a state-of-the-art Helios™ 3 or a full-flex, handcrafted bamboo rod—Orvis has got you covered. We’ve been ahead of our time since the beginning, and a commitment to product innovation allows us to bring you unrivaled performance, unbeatable quality, and brag-worthy equipment.

Casting a Helios3 Fly Rod in a stream

Accurate From Anywhere

Find out what’s behind the hype of the incredible Helios™ 3 fly rod.

Orvis PRO Gear

There comes a moment in every industry when a great leap forward is required. A new idea, a fresh point of view, a “what if we did it this way?” and suddenly things are never again the same. We sat down with Jim Kershaw and Jesse Haller from the Orvis product development team to learn about the genesis of the Orvis PRO Waders: how they were designed, developed, tested, and brought to market.

Detailed shot of Orvis Pro Gear

Developing a New Standard

Sometimes you need to push the boundaries of your assumptions to discover new territories. You re-examine everything from the mill through the materials, and then you push them to their limits and refine.