Orvis Fly Casting & Fishing Tips
Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. Here are some of those little things in fly-fishing that we hope you will find helpful. Click here to find a fly fishing school near you.

1. Difficulty tying your fly to the tippet? Try this!
2. For Better Subtlety, Use Aerial Mends
3. Paste Floatants - How much is too much?
4. Walk, Don't Run, to the River Side
5. Always Cast to a Target!
6. Practice Sidearm Casting to Improve Your Casting & Your Fishing
7. Feel the Force!
8. Don't Practice Your Casting While You're Fishing
9. If You Wade Aggressively, Don't Be Stupid - Be Safe
10. I Can't See What I'm Doing!
11. Where do I stop the rod on the back cast?
12. Best Way to Use a Wading Staff
13. Do You See What Trout See?
14. Keep Your Casting Practice Sessions Short!
15. More Casting in the Wind
16. Safe Wading? Move like a Karate/Fencing Student.
17. Fish Your Backcast
18. Get a Grip!
19. Don't Rock 'N Roll While You're Casting!
20. Always Wear a Wading Belt!
21. 10 o'clock to 2 o'clock? - NO! Watch the Loops
22. Cast Nymph & Indicator Rigs or Sink Tips with Ease!
23. Better Casts into the Wind!
24. Lubricate Your Knots!
25. See What You Are Looking At!
26. Cross Fast Currents Safely by Wading Downstream
27. Use the Force (Surface Tension)
28. Lift Long Lines from the Water with Ease!
29. Take More Turns!
30. Trust in the Loop!

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