Caring for your Orvis hat

  1. Keep your hat looking like new by resisting the urge to pick it up by the crown. To pull your hat on and take it off, gently grasp it by the brim—one hand in front, and one hand in the back. Handling your hat so that it flexes along on the brim or the crown will, in time, weaken that part of the hat.

  2. Store your hat on a hat stand, or if you don’t have one, store your hat brim side up in a cool, dry place. If you’re storing your hat for long periods, stuff the crown gently with clean tissue paper to help your hat keep its shape. Keep your hat in a hatbox for protection during long-term storage.

  3. Flip the sweatband (if your hat has one) so that it’s inside-out when you take your hat off on a hot day. Letting the sweat evaporate into the air is better than allowing the sweat to soak into the body of the hat.

  4. If your hat becomes very wet (say, after enduring a soaking rain), flip the sweatband down and stand the hat on the sweatband right-side up on a flat surface, such as a countertop. Make sure the brim does not touch the surface—the hat should stand on the inverted sweatband. Pressure on a wet hat will alter its shape as it dries. Let felt hats dry slowly and naturally. If your hat is made of straw, wipe excess water with a clean, dry cloth and allow to dry as noted above.

  5. Spot clean felt hats by gently brushing with a brim brush.

  6. Use a clean, damp sponge to gently spot-clean a dirty straw hat. Test-clean an inconspicuous section first. Additionally, straw hats can be kept looking new by regularly brushing with a brim brush.

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