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2008 Orvis Fly Fishing Podcasts

Tom's Steelhead Tips
Published on December 4, 2008
In this podcast, Tom shares his steelhead tips. Arrive early, go home late, be ready for nasty weather and you could be rewarded with some great fishing.

Fly Fishing in the Fall
Published on October 24, 2008
When the leaves change, so should your fly fishing techniques. Tom shares his tips for effective fly fishing in the fall.

The Art of the Hook Set (Part 2)
Published on October 9, 2008
All of us, from time to time, have struggled with setting the hook and wound up losing the fish. In this, the second of a two part series, Tom gives tips on effective hook setting techniques for saltwater and big game fish.

The Art of the Hook Set (Part 1)
Published on September 25, 2008
All of us, from time to time, have struggled with setting the hook and wound up losing the fish. In this, the first of two parts, Tom gives tips on effective hook setting techniques for freshwater and smaller species.

Choosing a Fly Rod
Published on August 14, 2008
A number of listeners have emailed Tom asking for his advice on choosing a fly rod. It can be an intimidating process, but made easier if you break it out into steps.

Fishing the Trico Hatch
Published on August 7, 2008
This week Tom impresses us with his biggest word, yet: Tricorythodes. By listener request, Tom gives some great tips on fishing the trico hatch. The flies are small, but it is worth the extra effort.

Fly Fishing in Still Water
Published on July 31, 2008
We have been talking a lot about fishing in rivers. As a change up, here are Tom's tips on fly fishing in still water for bass and panfish. There is a LOT of information in this podcast!

Driftboat Etiquette
Published on July 24, 2008
Our old friend, Tom Murray wrote in and asked us if we could record a podcast on driftboat etiquette. So, Mr. Murray, here ya go. Tom gives some great pointers for the first timers and old timers alike.

Fly Casting Tips: We can't all be Frank Tarkenton
Published on July 18, 2008
To improve your cast, follow these 4 steps: 1) Listen to this podcast, 2) Practice, 3) Practice, 4) Practice!!!

The Reel World
Published on July 10, 2008
For the second week in a row, Tom responds to a listener request. This week he gives advice on choosing the right fly reel for the job and reel management.

Listener Request: Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Tips
Published on July 3, 2008
Gary of Columbus, Ohio wrote to us asking for Tom to give his pointers on fly fishing for smallmouth bass. Tom grants that request in this podcast with some great tips. To all of our listners in the United States, have a great Fourth of July weekend!

An Introduction to Saltwater Fly Fishing
Published on June 26, 2008
A great introduction to fly fishing in saltwater for those who have never done it, and an excellent refresher (with new pointers) for the rest of us!

Tom's Tips on Nymphing
Published on June 19, 2008
Fish can be amazingly fussy about the speed and depth of their prey, even if the fly pattern is right. Everything you do in nymph presentation should strive to keep your fly at a trout’s level as long as possible and at a speed that does not arouse suspicion.

Meet the Beetles
Published on June 12, 2008
Trout have to eat something, and with mayfly and caddis hatches dwindling, especially in the eastern United States, they start feeding on terrestrials like ants, grasshoppers and beetles.

Father's Day Special: Teaching a Child to Fly Fish
Published on June 5, 2008
Father's Day is coming up and Tom has some advice on taking a child fly fishing for the first time. Included are some great tips for fly fishing for panfish.

The Best Hatch is Not a Hatch at All
Published on May 29, 2008
The best hatch you may ever encounter is not a hatch at all. When mayflies return to a river to lay their eggs, it may be the best opportunity to catch your biggest trout on a dry fly.

Low and Slow: Spring Trout Fishing Techniques
Published on May 22, 2008
This is a good week for Tom's tips on how to fish early spring waters for trout: Go low and slow. Also, what you can learn from worm fishers.

Tom Talks Knots
Published on May 15, 2008
In this podcast, Tom gives three helpful hints on knot tying. The Orvis website has a great, animated instructional knot tying section at (click on the"VIEW ANIMATED KNOTS" button)

Choosing a Leader
Published on May 8, 2008
In this podcast Tom tells you everything you need to know about leaders. What does 6x mean? How long should your leader be? What's better; nylon or flourocarbon?

Reading the Water (3 of 3)
Published on May 1, 2008
In the third and final part of Tom's series on reading the water, Tom explains how to use lessons learned in the previous two podcasts to help you catch more fish. Learn how to best fish boulders and sweepers.

Reading the Water (2 of 3)
Published on April 24, 2008
In this, the second part of a three part series on reading the water, Tom discusses basic river hydraulics and how just knowing a few simple rules will help you a lot on the river. Next week, Tom will teach us how to apply what we have learned in the "Reading the Water" series. Tom will discuss his approach to boulders and sweepers... what is a sweeper? Find out next week!

Reading the Water (1 of 3)
Published on April 17, 2008
Welcome to the first podcast of The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide with Tom Rosenbauer! Each week we will be bringing you a fly fishing tip to help you get the most of your time on the water. This week we start a three part series on "reading the water" to help find fish. In this episode, Tom speaks to how knowing the basic survival needs and behaviors of trout can help you become a better angler. Next week, Tom will cover basic hydraulics with a few simple rules about the way water moves in a river and how trout react to that movement.