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2009 Orvis Fly Fishing Podcasts

All About Floating Lines with Jim Lepage, VP of Orvis Rod & Tackle
Published December 30, 2009
Tom has been getting requests for a podcast on floating lines. Feeling like he could use a little more education on the subject himself, he called in Jim Lepage, Orvis Vice-President of Rod and Tackle to help address questions on their use and care. Things get really detailed in this podcast... a must-hear for the techies!

Tom Rosenbauer's Top Ten Bonefishing Tips and One Bonus Freshwater Tip
Published December 17, 2009
Up here in Vermont, it's getting darker earlier and a heck of a lot colder. It does not take much for the mind to drift to thoughts of the Bahamas and bonefish. Tom has ten great tips for bonefish anglers of every level and throws in a quick freshwater tip by request.

More Winter Fly Fishing Tips from Tom Rosenbauer
Published December 10, 2009
The snow arrived this week in Vermont and reminded Tom that he had more tips to share with us on fly fishing in winter. Grab your hot chocolate and take notes... there's a LOT of good stuff in this episode.

How to get Kids into Fly Tying
Published December 1, 2009
We get LOTS of requests asking us how to get kids into fly fishing. Tom thinks the best way is to get them interested in fly tying first. In this podcast he tells us how to do just that.

The Swine Flu Survivor Steelhead Madness Podcast
Published November 12, 2009
Tom has returned from a very nasty bout with H1N1 to record a podcast episode on our most requested podcast topic so far: STEELHEAD! It's possible that no other topic can inspire as much discussion among anglers as fly fishing for steelhead. Tom's take on technique is "if it's legal, it works for you and you're having fun, it's all good." Whatever you style, Tom has some great tips in this podcast!

Five Reasons So Many Flies Exist in the World
Published November 5, 2009
As suggested by listeners on our Facebook page, Tom gives five reasons there are so many flies and fly variations out there to choose from. He also tells us his favorite, go-to fly.

Tom Interviews Trout Unlimited's Whit Fosburgh
Published October 27, 2009
Whit Fosburgh, Chief Development Officer at Trout Unlimited was meeting with Tom today and we convinced him to sit down for an interview for the podcast. Whit gives us a brief overview on TU's goals for the coming year.

Three Tips Regarding Fly Fishing Rods and Line Weights
Published October 20, 2009
Another great question from our Facebook fans in two parts. What is the performance difference between two and four piece rods and when does it make sense to go with a different line weight than the weight of the rod?

The Minimalist Fly Fisher
Published October 5, 2009
This episode may get us in trouble with the guys upstairs, but in this podcast Tom has some tips for the when you are in the mood to fish with as little gear as possible.

Proper Catch & Release Methods
Published September 23, 2009
Catch & Release fishing, when done properly, will keep fish populations healthy. When not done properly, you can kill the fish.

Playing with Fish in Fast Water
Published September 11, 2009
Playing fish in fast water can be tricky; not only are you fighting the fish, but now you have to fight the water, too. Tom has some great tips on how to net these fish more often and reminds us not to worry when we lose a few, after all, it's part of the game.

All About Fly Fishing with Braided Leaders
Published August 31, 2009
We have had a number of requests on our Facebook page for more information on leaders. Tom is happy to oblige.

More Tips on Fly Fishing in Small Streams
Published August 20, 2009
As regular listeners to the podcast know, Tom loves small stream fishing. In this podcast he gives more tips on how to catch more fish than trees.

Ridin' Dirty: Tom's Tips for Fly Fishing Muddy Water
Published August 14, 2009
When the water turns muddy, do you head home or resort to plan B?

Bass and Panfish Fly Fishing Tips
Published August 11, 2009
Tom takes another request from our Facebook page and gives some great tips on fishing for bass and panfish.

The Top Five Casting Mistakes Fly Fishers Make
Published August 4, 2009
How many false casts do you make before your fly hits the water? According to Tom, the biggest mistake fly fishers make is too many false casts. Find out his other four in this Podcast.

Tom Talks about A River Runs Through It and Gives a Few Pointers on River Etiquette as well as the use of Felt Sole Waders
Published July 31, 2009
Tom gets on a soapbox and tells how he feels A River Runs Throught It impacted fly fishing. Once he gets off his soapbox, he responds to a listener request on river etiquette, fishing upstream vs downstream, hiking in felt sole waders and how to properly clean your gear to prevent the spread of invasive species.

Fly Fishing with Sinking Lines
Published July 25, 2009
Tom claims that this podcast contains all he knows about sinking lines and how to best take advantage of them when fly fishing.

Five Common Mistakes Fly Fishers Make with Leaders and Tippets
Published July 7, 2009
Some people think that leaders and tippets are the most critical element in your fly fishing set up. In this podcast, Tom gives the five most common mistakes with leaders and tippets that are easy to make, but just as easy to remedy.

Top Five Fly Fishing Tips for Fishing Unfamiliar Waters
Published June 26, 2009
You never know what you are going to encounter when you fish the surf and in this podcast Tom helps you be prepared for whatever comes your way. To get started grab a stripping basket, practice your double haul and download this podcast.

Tips for Fly Fishing in the Surf
Published June 23, 2009
You never know what you are going to encounter when you fish the surf and in this podcast Tom helps you be prepared for whatever comes your way. To get started grab a stripping basket, practice your double haul and download this podcast.

Teaching a Child to Fly Fish
Published June 16, 2009
We will have a new podcast for you this week, but as a bonus and in honor of Father's Day, we are running one of our first podcasts that Tom recorded a year ago. In this Podcast, Tom has some advice on taking a child fly fishing for the first time. Included are some great tips for fly fishing for panfish.

Fly Fishing Tips For Small Streams
Published on June 9, 2009
The fish may be smaller, but it sure is a lot of fun! In this podcast, Tom shares tips on fly fishing small streams.

Tips on Fly Fishing the Baetis / Blue Wing Olive Hatch
Published on May 4, 2009