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2010 June - December Orvis Fly Fishing Podcasts

Lessons Learned the Hard Way with Simon Perkins
Published December 22, 2010
Montana fly-fishing guide, Simon Perkins is back home in Vermont for Christmas and joins Tom for a podcast on lessons learned the hard way. It's the mistakes that make us wise, if we learn from them. Learn from Tom and Simon's mistakes so you dont have to make them yourself!

Traveling with Fly Gear
Published December 15, 2010
Tom takes the mystery out of packing for your next trip telling you what you need, what you don't and what you REALLY shouldn't forget to bring.

He also shares his top five flies for fresh and saltwater.

The Top Five Casting Mistakes Revisited
Published December 9, 2010
In this episode, Tom is joined by Peter Kutzer of the Orvis Fly Fishing School to revisit a subject that we have covered in the past, but is still requested: common casting mistakes. We've all made them, in this podcast learn how to identify and fix them.

Trout Unlimited Podcast: Sea Run Brook Trout
Published December 8, 2010
Chris Wood, TU’s President and CEO, talks with Massachussetts TU volunteer Warren Winders about sea-run brook trout and why a small stream in the midst of a cranberry bog in Massachusetts is key to this population of sea-run brook trout.

The Go East, Go West Podcast
Published December 2, 2010
Tom covers a lot of material in this podcast. In the "Fly Box" section, he compares and contrasts vests vs chest packs vs waist packs vs sling packs, he covers how best to keep your flies floating (and reveals his secret) and then answers a question about realistic vs impressionistic flies.

The main topic of this podcast, though is what easterners can expect when taking a fishing trip west and what westerners can expect when making a trip east. What are the differences? How can you best prepare?

Trout Unlimited Podcast- Genetically Modified Trout?
Published December 1, 2010
Jack Williams Chris Wood, TU’s President and CEO, talks with TU’s senior scientist, Jack Williams, about the looming possibility that the Federal Drug Administration will give approval to genetically modify salmon for human consumption. Could trout be the next animal to be genetically modified for food?

Trout Unlimitted Podcast - Upcoming Important Legislation for Anglers
Published November 23, 2010
Chris Wood, TU’s President and CEO, talks with Steve Moyer, TU’s Vice President of Government Affairs, about upcoming legislation that is important to sportsmen. Steve gives an insider’s look into lobbying in Washington, D.C.—how it works and how people who care about trout and salmon can make their voices heard.

Fly Tying 101
Published November 19, 2010
As Tom was sitting down to tape this episode we got an email from a listener that made us all smile regarding his daughter's first fly. Tom reads it in this episode and tt was good timing as Tom lays out the basics of what you need to get into fly tying as a great addition to your fly fishing experience... but don't get into it thinking you're going to save money on flies! 

Good lighting, a comfortable seat, reading glasses and this podcast episode are a great start to a rewarding, lifelong hobby.

Trout Unlimited Podcast - An Interview with Sharon Lance
Published November 17, 2010
Chris Wood, TU’s President and CEO, chats with Colorado Volunteer, Sharon Lance, about conservation issues in Colorado, why it’s important to get kids involved in fly fishing and why its never a good idea to have your spouse teach you how to fish.

Teaching Fly Fishing to Beginners
Published November 12, 2010
In this episode, Tom gives some tips on teaching others to fly fish and also introduces a new segment to the show: The Flybox. We get a lot of requests that can't quite fill a whole podcast, so Tom is going to address those in this new segment!

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Five Ways to Avoid Embarrassment on the Flats
Published November 4, 2010
In this episode, Brett Ference from the Orvis Double Barrel Podcast is jealous of Tom's download count so he drops by to boost his numbers a bit.

Tom and Brett discuss pointers for bonefishing: Know how to tell time, communicate with your guide, and DON'T TROUT STRIKE are among the tips here.

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Trout Unlimited Podcast- The Western Water Project
Published November 2, 2010
Chris Wood, TU's President and CEO, interviews Scott Yates, TU's Director of the Western Water Project. Together, they discuss the various water challenges that exist in various Western states and talk about how TU works to achieve a balance that is good for landowners and fish.

From river flows to irrigation, their conversation touches on some of the hottest current water debates in the West.

Comparing and Contrasting Wild and Stocked Trout Behaviors and How to Fish Them
Published October 28, 2010
Tom gets downright professorial in this information-packed episode on the differences in stocked vs wild trout and the different approaches in fishing them. A fascinating episode, bound to become one of your favorites.

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The Trout Unlimited Podcast - Hydrofracking the Marcellus Shale
Published October 26, 2010
Phil Monahan of has called the development of gas resources in the Marcellus Shale the "Pebble Mine of the East."

Hear Chris Wood, CEO of Trout Unlimited, and his guest, TU's Elizabeth Maclin, VP for Eastern Conservation discuss what the Marcellus Shale project entails, what "hydro-fracking" is and the potential impact on coldwater resources of Northern Appalachia.

Purposeful Solitude: Special Guest Paul Fersen Reads "Moving Water"
Published October 21, 2010
Tom is out this week, so we asked resident author Paul Fersen to read from a recent piece he wrote for American Angler magazine on fishing for bass off Cape Cod.

Trout Unlimited Podcast - TU and Field & Stream's Best Wild Places Tour
Published October 12, 2010
This summer, Trout Unlimited partnered with Field & Stream to showcase the Best Wild Places in America. The tour highlights six spots out West where people can experience some of the best hunting and fishing and most spectacular wilderness in the country. By fishing and hunting in these places, the goal is to inspire people to visit these places--all of which are located on public land.

Also, we hope to raise awareness about how special these places are so that they may receive the protection they deserve. Each one of the places on the tour faces some threat--development, energy disputes, or other threats that has the potential to rob future generations from the chance to experience the landscapes and wildlife. In this podcast, TU's President and CEO, Chris Wood, talks with Chris Hunt, of TU's Sportsmen's Conservation Project, about the tour.

Fall Fly Fishing Tips for Eastern and Western Anglers
Published October 11, 2010
In this episode tom is joined in the studio by Trout Unlimited's cable show ON THE RISE host Jed Fiebelkorn to discuss tips for anglers in both the eastern and western United States.

Three and a Half Tips on Fly Fishing for Steelhead
Published October 6, 2010
Tom has three big tips for fly fishing for steelhead on location, timing and presentation. He has what he calls a half a tip on tackle.

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The Trout Unlimited Podcast - Trout in the Classroom
Published October 5, 2010
The Trout Unlimited Podcast - Trout in the Classroom It's back to school--and TU's program, Trout in the Classroom, is part of the curriculum in hundreds of schools around the country. The program helps children learn about trout and conservation by raising trout in aquariums.

In this podcast, TU President and CEO Chris Wood talks with two TU volunteers in New York state about their experience teaching children about the wonders of trout and their life cycles. Stacey Weirl is a physical education teacher who teaches kindergarten through fifth grade at the Fox Meadow Elementary School in Scarsdale, New York. Also joining Chris is a longtime TU volunteer, John Genovesi. John is the past president of the Croton Watershed TU chapter and directs the Trout in the Classroom program in Westchester County, New York. For more information about Trout in the Classroom, go to

Tom Rosenbauer's Five Tips on River Access
Published September 30, 2010
River access is a hot issue. In this episode tom gives his 5 tips on stayign legal and getting access to land you may otherwise have skipped.

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The Trout Unlimited Podcast - Restoring the Mighty Penobscot
Published September 28, 2010
We are adding a new feature to the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast by partnering with Trout Unlimited to bring you updates on their conservation programs. Tom is a huge fan of Trout Unlimited and Orvis has been a long-time partner in their efforts to restore and protect coldwater fisheries.

In this episode TU president CEO Chris Wood interviews Jeff Reardon about restoring the Penobscot River. Involving miles and miles of river and multiple dam removals, this is the largest project of its kind in history.

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Fly Fishing Pocket Water
Published September 24, 2010
Fly fishing in pocket water can be challenging, but it also provides a lot of opportunity. Make a stealthy approach and keep your casts short to avoid drag.

The Saltwater Fly Fishing in the Fall, Bait Fish Migration Podcast
Published September 17, 2010
We haven't done a salt episode in a while... and we know a whole bunch of you folks fish salt. Tom's favorite time of year to do so is in the fall. Here are some great tips he's learned over the years.

100th Epsiode - The Fly Fishing with Streamers
Published September 1, 2010
It took 100 episodes to get here, but Tom is finally giving you the streamers podcast so many have requested! A TON of information in this episode. I bet you listen more than once to this one.

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Releasing Small Trout
Published August 26, 2010
Small fish need to be handled very carefully so as to avoid permanently disfiguring them or worse. In this episode, Tom tells you how he learned this lesson the hard way.

Rosenbauer After Dark- Tom's Ten Tips on Fly Fishing at Night
Published August 16, 2010
Fly fishing at night is a lot of fun, but you have to change up your game a bit.... and yes occasionally you might hook a bat. Tom has ten (or so) tips on fly fishing after dark. Come by our Facebook page at and tell us some of yours.

Floatant, Lenses and the Flex Index
Published August 9, 2010
In this podcast, Tom talks about the different kinds of floatant for dry flies, what sunglasses work best for fishing and explains the flex index and how you can use it to choose the right fly rod for you.

The Long-Awaited Carp Podcast
Published August 4, 2010
Countless requests for this one! They fight hard, they're fussy, and they are getting more and more popular. Tom talks fly fishing for carp.

How Weather Affects Fly Fishing
Published July 27, 2010
Tom talks weather in this podcast and how it can impact your day on the water. We also want to thank all of you for making July 2010 a record setting month for us with over 50,000 downloads of The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide! Thanks so much!!

Seven Tips for Still Water Fly Fishing
Published July 15, 2010
A longer rod and a longer leader are a good start... Tom goes into great detail on how to catch more fish on lakes and ponds.

Tom's Ten Tips For When There's No Hatch to Match
Published July 9, 2010
What do you do when you can't match the hatch and no one on the water is catching any fish? Tom tells you the things he does that may help you, too.

Also, we have a new iPhone app coming out soon... Tom reviews the features.

Trout Unlimited's CEO Chris Wood Takes Your Questions
Published July 2, 2010
Tom sits down with the new CEO of Trout Unlimited, Chris Wood and asks him questions posted to him by fans of our Facebook page at

A GREAT interview addressing the future of TU, getting more people into the sport and, of course, public access.