Want to learn to fly fish?

Orvis has 14 two-day Fly-Fishing Schools and four specialty schools spread across the country, each staffed with patient, well-trained instructors focused on teaching you how to fly fish in a friendly atmosphere. We also offer free Fly Fishing 101 classes throughout the summer at each of our Orvis Retail Store locations. If you want to learn, Orvis Fly-Fishing Schools and Fly Fishing 101 classes are here to help.

Want to improve your fly fishing?

The Orvis Learning Center is the ultimate online resource for fly-fishing knowledge. Fully stocked with informative video lessons, animated knot diagrams, access to the Orvis Fly-Fishing Podcast archive, local fly-fishing reports, and more, it’s like having a seasoned guide sitting right next to you, sharing information. If you want to learn, the Orvis Learning Center is here to help.