Dave & Amelia Jensen

Dave & Amelia Jensen

Orvis Fly-Fishing Ambassadors

Dave and Amelia’s relationship keeps them close to the water. They spent a decade guiding and another decade owning a backcountry fly-fishing lodge before going on to publish one of Canada's top-selling fishing magazines. Throw in some additional writing projects and producing DVDs, and you can see how this fly-fishing couple keeps busy.

The Jensens spend several months each winter in New Zealand, where they get to enjoy a second summer of fly fishing before returning to their SW Alberta home. Beginning in 2019, they will be hosting Orvis trips to Argentina, where they look forward to exploring new trout waters with new friends.

“Trout are far too valuable to simply be caught and released. What about that moment, capturing it on video in a manner that reflects the feel, the intensity we each feel behind the fly rod? That's what we love, what we seek each day. If all goes well and we're blessed, we both are fulfilled in a moment behind the lens and on the rod—not only to enjoy our own moments but to honor the other with footage that connects us back to that moment.”

Homebase: Alberta, Canada

Fly fishing continues to evolve for us. Losing ourselves into a moment engaged with a fish is all we seek. Most days are simply a lot of hours walking and looking, with little to show until those few hours that reveal the day's magic.”
Dave and Amelia Jensen
Amelia Jensen
Dave Jensen
Dave & Amelia Jensen