Orvis Ambassador: Jillian Lukiwski

Jillian Lukiwski

Orvis Brand Ambassador

Jillian grew up in the four western provinces of Canada but found her truest sense of home in Idaho, along the banks of the Snake River, where she and her husband run a small working farm. Drawing her inspiration from the natural spaces in which she abides, Jillian works as a silversmith, writer, and photographer, and her work proves her commitment to revealing the indelible spirit of the West. A horsewoman, gardener, fly fisher, and hunter, Jillian views herself as part of nature, as evident in her lifestyle, adventures, and creative process.

“My favorite thing in life might be October. It's when my husband finishes work for the year as a USFS Smokejumper and we are together as a family again, out on the land with our bird dogs, up in the high country living in our tipi and hunting elk, riding our horses along the Snake River together. When I think of hunting and fishing and being outside, I think of family and the way these activities knit mine strongly together.”

Homebase: Bliss, Idaho

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I value creative process over finished products, and honesty and courage over accolades. I'm a horsewoman, a gardener, a fly fisher, and a hunter (big game and upland). I don't view myself as separate from nature. Being outside is as natural to me as breathing, the public lands I live much of my life on are simply an extension of my living space.”

Orvis Presents: Of The West

Jillian Lukiswki