Badlands National Park Explorer Collar

This dog collar celebrates the Badlands National Park with colors that recall its landscapes.


Invite your dog to celebrate open spaces and public lands with this Badlands National Park Explorer Dog Collar and leash. The grosgrain ribbon trim features the official Pendleton® Woolen Mills pattern for Badlands National Park, boasting colors that reflect the park's mixed grasses and sharply eroded buttes, pinnacles, and spires. Made in America by skilled Amish craftsmen. Made with English bridle leather. In olive multi. Nylon ribbon, bridle leather, brass hardware. Leash is 6' long. Spot clean. Made in USA.
Collar sizes: XL(1"W, 22"-26").


Size Chart

Collars: Measure Your Dog for the Right Fit

Where to measure for control collars and regular collars.Proper collar fit is vital for your dog’s health and safety, yet many dog owners don’t know how to determine whether their dogs’ collars fit correctly. Choose a collar that allows you to easily slip two fingers into the collar without touching your dog’s fur. Of course, you don’t want the collar to be too loose, but it should be one notch away from being able to slide over your dog’s head.

Choose a comfortable cloth, webbing, or leather collar. Bare chains are too rough and can get caught on obstacles, leading to injury. If you must use a chain-type choke collar, choose a style that features a protective fabric cover encasing the chain. Collars that encircle the muzzle are excellent for firm control without discomfort, and do not restrict breathing the way traditional choke collars do.
Dr. Gretchen Allen, DVM

To determine the correct collar size, you will need to measure your dog's neck. For a regular day- to-day collar, use a fabric tape measure and measure by wrapping it comfortably around the base of your dog's neck, with enough room to fit two fingers in between the tape and your dog. For a control collar, you will need to take another measurement at the top of the neck, directly behind the ears, to correspond with the size of the collar in the closed position. Once you have taken these measurements, let our Orvis Pet Experts help you select the right collar size.

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