Basic Wire Crate

Provide a safe space for growing puppies and adult dogs with this sturdy Basic Wire Crate.


This tried-and-true basic wire dog crate is convenient, user-friendly, safe, and reliable—it's a must-have when welcoming a new puppy to your family. Heavy duty enough to contain rambunctious dogs, but open and ventilated for maximum air circulation and comfort. This crate features a five-point door lock system so you can be confident that your dog won't break out while you're away, and a removable divider panel so you can create a smaller den when your puppy is small. Rounded corners add strength and eliminate scratches on your floors, while a rust-resistant solid-black finish makes sure this crate always looks brand new. The entire crate is easy to clean, and the removable polypropylene pan catches and contains accidents. The entire crate collapses and folds flat for easy and convenient storage. Growing puppies instinctively crave a den to claim as their own—this easy crate offers your puppy a sense of safety and security, minimizing destructive behavior while proving incredibly helpful for you during the house-training period. Imported.
  • Crate Sizes
  • Small 19"H x 24"L x 18"W, dogs up to 30 lbs.
  • Medium 21"H x 30"L x 19"W, dogs 30-50 lbs.
  • Large 25"H x 36"L x 23"W, dogs 50-70 lbs.
  • X-Large 30"H x 42"L x 28"W, dogs 70-90 lbs.
  • XX-Large 32"H x 48"L x 30"W, dogs 90-125 lbs.
  • Crate Cover and Pad Sizing
  • Small, fits 24" x 18" x 19" crate
  • Medium, fits 30" x 19" x 21" crate
  • Large, fits 36" x 23" x 25" crate
  • X-Large, fits 42" x 28" x 30" crate
  • XX-Large, fits 48" x 30" x 32" crate


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  • Pad and Cover $139 - $219
  • Cover Only $49 - $89
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