Bauer Pottery Spaniel Bowl

Long ears stay clean and dry thanks to the tapering edges of this Bauer Pottery Spaniel Bowl.


Sloped sides keep floppy ears out of this Bauer Pottery dog bowl, making it perfect for spaniels and other long-eared pups. An easy solution for messy, dripping-wet dog ears. Made of heavy-duty earthenware clay and finished with a lead-free glaze, this vibrantly colored ringed bowl is sure to brighten up your dog's feeding area. Bauer Pottery boasts deep roots in creating brightly colored functional pottery. Established in 1878 in Louisville, Kentucky, Bauer Pottery relocated to Los Angeles in 1910 (where it remains today), and is known for producing vibrant vintage pieces for every household. Size medium 1½-cup capacity; size large 2½-cup capacity. Dishwasher safe. Made in USA.
Medium bowl 6" dia. at base
Large bowl 7½" dia. at base


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