Burrower Bed

A den, a blanket, and a bolster—the Burrower Bed satisfies a variety of dog sleep preferences.


A comfortable den for your dog, this unique Burrower Bed satisfies your dog's natural sleeping instincts. Being den animals, dogs prefer to sleep in a cave-like dwelling where they feel safe, secure, and protected. They crave the overhead coverage, a supportive place to lean, and a soft sleep surface, making the Burrower Bed a dog's dream. Thick side bolsters offer support, a soft cover creates a cozy cave, and the center mattress is padded for maximum comfort. The top props open on the front (for easy access), and rests flat against the back (to seal off the den-like dwelling). An air vent in the back ensures ventilation. This bed is ideal for dogs who like to sleep under the covers or dogs who prefer a snuggly and secure place to burrow. A handle makes this lightweight bed easy to travel with or move from room to room. Polyester. Washable. Imported.
  • A comfortable cave-like bed that helps keep dogs safe, secure, and protected
  • Cave opening is sturdy and stays open in the front, while the back rests flat like a blanket
  • Thick side bolsters offer support
  • Padded sleeping area
  • Innovative back air vent
  • Side carrying handle
  • Ideal for dogs who like to sleep under the covers


  • small 21½" x 26" x 8", dogs up to 20 lbs.
  • medium 29½" x 33½" x 10", dogs 20-45 lbs.
  • large 29½" x 41½" x 12", dogs 45-90 lbs.


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