ComfortFill-Eco™ Burrower Bed with Fleece

This Orvis ComfortFill-Eco Dog Bed boasts a plush fleece cover and a den-like burrow design.


A den, a blanket, and a bolster—the Orvis ComfortFill-Eco Burrower Bed with Fleece satisfies all the sleep preferences of smaller dogs. We have designed a bed that will delight dogs that love to cuddle and burrow. Ideal for dogs who like to sleep under the covers. We've added a cover to our circular bolster shape that completes the den-like feel burrowing dogs crave. Lofty ComfortFill-Eco, made from recycled plastic bottles, stays evenly dispersed and cozily fluffy. A sturdy tube keeps the blanket-like cover supported so your dog can easily climb in and out. Polyester. Imported.
  • Designed to provide a haven for dogs who love to burrow
  • Cave-like design helps dogs feel safe, secure, and protected
  • Thick, all-around bolsters offer support
  • Lofty ComfortFill-Eco cushion
  • Sturdy tube supports the cover



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  • Extra small dogs up to 15 lbs. $129
  • Small dogs up to 40 lbs. $159
  • Medium dogs up to 60 lbs. $189
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