Multipurpose crawfish and shrimp fly that has been fooling fish for years!


This fly was designed to sink but not bury itself into the bottom headfirst like most typical sinking flies with barbells tied up front, ride hook point up to prevent snagging on the bottom, and have lifelike movement to imitate a variety of bottom crawling bait. It has plenty of fish seducing movement and is impressionistic of a variety of bottom dwelling critters such as shrimp, crabs and crayfish. At rest, the legs and faux fox wing spread out like a natural unsuspecting crustacean and when twitched, the rear weight helps the fly pop up off the bottom like a startled and scared crustacean. When retrieved in short successive strips, the materials flow back and pulse like the action created by the tail pumping action of a fleeing shrimp or crawfish. When retrieved with longer slow strips, the legs and wing flow back and wave and wiggle like a swimming crab. This swimming action is also impressionistic of a fleeing baitfish, which adds to the appeal and versatility of the fly.
Sizes 1, 4.
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