Dash Dog Frisbee

The Dash Dog Frisbee is made with soft, durable foam for gentle catches and floatable fun.


Easy to throw, fun to fetch, this soft foam frisbee is designed specifically for dogs. The center hole makes off-the-ground pickups a breeze and creates a stable fast flight and gradual descent so it's easier to catch. Tough on the outside with soft foam on the inside, it's gentler on your dog's mouth. Made in the USA, certified safe, and guaranteed to last. Brightly colored so it's always easy to find whether your dog is in the field or water. 8" diameter.
  • Center hole makes it easier to pick up and catch
  • Durable shell with soft foam interior will not hurt your dog's mouth
  • Made in the USA and certified safe
  • Easy-to-spot bright color helps prevent losing it in grass or water


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