Capt. Bob Day

Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide in San Diego, California

Capt. Bob Day


San Diego Bay is a marvelous fishery that Capt. Bob Day would love to share with you. Capt. Bob Day is a licensed captain and guide. My specialty is fly fishing and light tackle fishing the bay for bass, croaker, and bonefish. We can also fish the inshore kelp beds. I specialize in teaching boys and girls how to enjoy San Diego Bay and the fun of fishing.

Date Range

Capt. Bob Day is available year-round.

What is Provided to Customer

Orivs Access and Helios 6-weight fly rods and reels are provided on all trips. They will be lined with 250 grain shooting heads or intermediate line for different water depths. If you want to use conventional gear, spinning and baitcasting outfits are provided.

Region/Terrain Where You Fish

We will fish San Diego Bay primarily from the South Bay off Chula Vista to Zuniga Jetty at the entrance of the bay. Water depth is 3 to 15 feet with temperatures ranging from 65 to 75 degrees.

We can also fish the Point Loma kelp beds in the summer and fall when the winds are calm and seas flat. Water temperature ranges from 62 to 68 degrees and the fishing can be on diving birds or in the kelp beds themselves.

Typical Weather by Season

The weather is good year-round in San Diego. Morning temperatures in low 50s to the mid 60s prevail from January to April with light winds generally. There is occasional rainfall but generally not heavy.

From May through June we get our typical overcast skies and higher winds earlier. Temperatures range from high 50s to high 60s during the day. There is very little rain this time of year.

The best weather is July through October with lows in the 60s and highs in the 70s. Winds are light and the seas are calm with no rain.

November through December stays generally calm in regards to wind with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. There is occasional rain.

Average San Diego rainfall is less than 10 inches per year.


Sample of Typical Itinerary

A typical trip with Capt. Bob Day starts at 6am and lasts until 11am. In the summer we can do evening trips from 5pm to 8pm. If you want to fish in the afternoon we can do so.

Every trip is determined by the tides for the day. The best fishing is with 3.5 feet or higher tidal exchange with the incoming tide slightly better than the outgoing tide. We can catch fish on lesser tides but it takes more work.

We generally launch from the Chula Vista Marina but we can launch at three other spots in the bay depending on where and when we are fishing.

Soft drinks, water and juice are available all of the time. For morning trips you will get a breakfast muffin or bar and in the afternoon and evening we will have snacks available as well.


Species You Fish for by Season

Spotted bay bass can be caught all year. Pacific bonefish can be caught from January through June and again in the fall as the water cools. Croaker, corvina, barracuda, and bonita will show as the water warms in the spring and summer. Halibut can be caught during spawning time in the spring. Calico bass and sand bass will be caught in the bay during the spring, summer, and fall.


What Should Customers Bring?

Everyone must bring a California fishing license (16 years and older). If you do not have one it can be purchased at any tackle store or on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

Everyone should bring jacket or windbreaker, wide-brim hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.

Life jackets and PFDs are provided for everyone on the boat.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to put down a deposit?
A. A deposit of $50 is requested 30 days prior to the trip. It will be refunded if trip is cancelled 7 days before the trip or if I can fill the spot with another paying customer.

Q. Are gratuities accepted?
A. Tips are accepted and are at the option of the client. Suggested tip range is 10-15% of the non-discounted trip price.

Q. Where is the nearest airport?
A. The nearest airport is San Diego International near downtown San Diego. If you do no have a car I am happy to pick you up at your hotel.


Capt. Bob Day
Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Guide
3520 Moultrie Ave.
San Diego, CA 92117

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