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Our central base of operation is out of our fly shop located just a few miles west of downtown Bozeman. Although we guide Montana fly fishing trips across the state, Bozeman is our home and we consider the surrounding watersheds our backyard.

Bozeman fly fishing opportunities are best characterized by drifting or wading on large western rivers like the Gallatin, Yellowstone, Jefferson, as well as the upper and lower Madison,rivers. The area attracts anglers from all over the world in search of wild trout and an amazing Montana fly fishing experience. In addition to the more well known rivers, there are dozens of small streams, spring creeks, and medium-sized rivers that often offer solitude and a more personal experience on the water.

The overwhelming abundance of quality, wild trout fly fishing waters near Bozeman makes it possible for us to guide just about every day of the year. Whether you're a seasoned fly fisher or new to the sport, the endless opportunities that can be found near Bozeman have something for everyone. Come see us in Bozeman and learn first hand what makes fly fishing in Montana something every angler needs to experience at least once, but brings many others back year after year.

Our guide service caters to anglers of all skill levels and the multitude of fishing options around Bozeman enable us to custom tailor a unique experience for each client. Novice and first time fly fishers can always expect to learn a ton and even catch some fish just about any day of the year, regardless of their skill set. The guides work hard to give everyone some first hand experience that comes with putting everything together to catch a wild trout.

We see a lot of excellent anglers too as the area is full of challenging opportunities that will keep even the best anglers on their toes. Our guides are each highly skilled anglers themselves and are always looking to help their clients master the sport. There is always something to learn on the waters around Bozeman as conditions are always changing and new opportunities are found each day.

Bozeman is the ideal destination for a western trout fly fishing experience like no other. Hundreds of miles of blue-ribbon, wild-trout waters are easily accessed in every direction from town. The vibrant nightlife and wide array of restaurants make for plenty of choices after a day on the water. Whether technical spring creek fishing, floating down a big river, or just getting away from the crowds is on the list, our home waters have it all.

Our guide service was the 2010 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Outfitter of the year and is the only fly fishing service in Bozeman to have the unique distinction of being endorsed by the oldest fly fishing company in the US. Give us a call at 406-586-2188 or email us , we'd love to hear from you and help you with planning your next Montana fly fishing vacation.


As a full service, Montana fly fishing outfitter, we have the ability to offer a wide range of guided fly fishing experiences. Floating and wade-fishing the big western rivers represent the majority of our guided trips and is what we consider as our specialty. We also spend a lot of time on small streams and spring creeks during different times of year and highly recommend them when conditions are ideal. Our staff excels in finding the right combination of waters and techniques to create unique fly fishing experiences which bring customers coming back.

Over the years, we’ve become more of a destination shop and guide service which means that most of our clients are coming here specifically to fish with one of our professional guides. Guests typically will fish with one of our guides for 3-5 full days ($500/day) when the focus of their vacation is on the fishing. Many of our guests prefer to book one of our lodging packages when coming to Bozeman for several days. Single and half-day options are ideal for folks that are trying to squeeze in a day of fishing on a family or business trip to the area or just wanting some local knowledge before heading out on their own for a few days of fishing. The first time or novice angler should feel just as welcomed with one of our guides as an angler that has travelled the world or fished with us for several years.

We appreciate the significant time and expense involved in making a fly fishing vacation a reality. Our commitment to our guests is to provide an exceptionally fun and educational fly fishing experience that is uniquely designed around their schedule, expectations, and interests. Fins & Feathers was recognized by the Orvis Company as the “2010 Endorsed Fly Fishing Outfitter of the Year” as a result of our commitment to providing exceptional customer service both on and off the river. Email ( us or call us at 1-406-586-2188 for help in planning your Montana fly fishing vacation. We look forward to the conversation and meeting you soon!

Full Day Guided Fly Fishing Trips

A full day guided fly fishing trip ($550) around Bozeman allows an angler to see and fish a seemingly endless list of world class wild trout fisheries. The map is wide open and we can find some fantastic fishing in any direction, so we typically head for the best destination based on a variety of factors including weather, water conditions, crowds, and our guest’s requests. With choices like the Yellowstone, upper and lower Madison, and Gallatin Rivers, the hardest part can just be picking out where we want to go for the day. Add to the list a handful of private spring creeks and several small to medium sized rivers that you don’t read about too often and the choice becomes even more difficult. With a full day to explore and fish, the possibilities are endless when it comes to fishing southwest Montana with one of our guides.

We typically use drift boats or specially designed rafts to float the big rivers and wade on the smaller waters. Floating is by far the most effective and enjoyable way to fish our larger rivers. Wade fishing trips are usually focused on small streams and spring creeks, but we’re always happy to get creative if someone wants to give it a shot on one of the larger rivers too. After 13 years of guiding across Montana, we’ve found that nothing tells the story of Montana fly fishing like the experience of floating down a magnificent river valley while fishing to our uniquely wild trout.

Please visit to learn more about the rivers and streams that we offer guided fly fishing trips on near Bozeman, Montana.

A full day, guided trip is the best way for both beginners and experts to really get the most out of a day on the water. The typical day lasts 8-10 hours from start to finish and can end up being to any of the various fisheries within an hour or two of Bozeman, but usually around 30-45 minutes from the shop. We provide everything you need for the day on the water including rods, reels, waders, boots, flies, non-alcoholic beverages, and a streamside lunch. Whether our guest is a first time angler or a seasoned expert, our professional guides are patient instructors that want to make the day fun and successful with no pressure.

Many of our guests fish with their favorite guide year after year, so we recommend making reservations as soon as possible to ensure availability. We have special rates for large groups that book 3 or more days of guided fishing, email us with any inquiries.

See all of our 2019 rates

Lodging and Guided Fishing Packages

The “core” of our business is based upon clients that return to fish with their favorite guide year after year. Most of these folks end up fishing with us for several days and have come to appreciate the fact that their guide is the most important part of their fly fishing vacation. We started putting lodging packages together several years ago for exactly these people and continue to do so to make it more convenient for our guests to plan their trip.

Our lodging partners each offer comfortable rooms with amenities that vary depending on the facility. So, be sure to review each of the choices and feel free to give us a call or send us an email ( if you would like more details to help make your decisions. The essential things we look for when choosing a lodging partner is great customer service, clean rooms, a complimentary breakfast, complimentary airport transfers, and a close proximity to evening dining options.

If you are coming to Bozeman specifically to fish and don't want to worry so much about the logistics of car rentals and lodging, then these packages are perfect for you. We can always customize an itinerary as well, so just let us know if you need something outside our standard listings and we’ll get you a quote right away. Give us a call or send us an email ( to check availability or to make a reservation.

Please visit our website ( to learn more about package options and rates for a guided fly fishing trip to Bozeman, Montana.

Half Day Guided Fly Fishing Trips

Half-day trips ($450) last 4-5 hours from start to finish and are limited to the waters closer to Bozeman. Although they sound ideal for a lot of people, we’ve found that the limited time makes it more challenging than most envision. That said, a half day trip is a great choice for true beginners that just want to get their first taste of fly fishing. It’s also a great option for experienced anglers looking to squeeze a few hours of fishing into an already booked up holiday schedule.

The lower Madison and Gallatin rivers are where we head for most of our half-day trips, but there are also several smaller streams here in the Gallatin Valley that we’ll head to when conditions are right. We offer both floating and wade options for our half day trips and will make the recommendation as to which is better depending on the current water conditions, weather, and fitness levels of our guests.

We provide rods, reels, waders, boots, flies and non-alcoholic beverages on all of our trips. Our professional guides will take the time to make sure that you have a great time on the water through patient instruction and an intimate knowledge of the waters. Half day trips are scheduled for either morning or afternoon sessions and the times vary depending on the season.


What Should Customers Bring?

  • Fly rod: 8½- or 9-foot medium- to fast-action 5- or 6-weight rod.
  • Fly reel: adjustable drag reel with 75 – 100 yards of backing.
  • Fly line: weight-forward floating line matched to your rod.
  • Waders: breathable stockingfoot or bootfoot.
  • Wading boots: felt or rubber soles (no studs); sandals for warm weather.
  • Flies: general trout assortment.
  • Polarized glasses: amber, copper, or brown lenses.
  • Hat: ideally a brimmed hat for sun protection.
  • Lightweight long-sleeved shirts: nylon, cotton, or a blend of the two fabrics.
  • Lightweight pants: quick-drying nylon is best, zip-offs are great for warm days.
  • Fleece: medium to lightweight tops and bottoms for layering.
  • Rain gear: a breathable/packable coat.
  • Jacket: warm outerwear jacket with full sleeves.
  • Gloves: sun gloves in the summer, fingerless fleece gloves in cold weather.
  • Sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellent
  • Camera
  • Sunglass retainers and cleaning cloth
  • Basic medicines
  • Backpack or duffle for boat
  • Neoprene socks for warm-weather wading
  • Snacks for the boat

Fly Shop

Our Fly Shop

Fins & Feathers is located just a few miles west of Bozeman at the intersection of HWY 191 & 84 (4-Corners). Whether you are coming from Bozeman or the local airport, we are right on the way to just about any fishing destination in southwest Montana. Make us your first stop on the way to the river and you’ll be sure to get everything you need, along with some helpful advice.

Our fly shop is best described as the “fish-head” shop in Bozeman. We all fish just about every chance we get and consider ourselves lucky to be making a living following our passion. Sharing our expertise in a friendly manner sets us apart from most specialty fly shops.

Along with a great location and helpful staff, our wide range of fly-fishing specific products makes us a truly unique fly shop. Our fly selection is intended to offer solutions to the challenges of fishing throughout the Greater Yellowstone region and is second to none. Travelling anglers and locals alike always appreciate the vast fly tying assortment on our walls. Quality gear and accessories from time-tested manufacturers like Orvis, Patagonia, Sage, and many more enable us to offer something for everyone.

There are a lot of choices in regards to fly shops in Southwest Montana. What sets Fins & Feathers apart from the competition is our friendly customer service with an eye towards having fun on the water.

Please visit to browse our extensive product selection online. Receive free ground shipping to the lower 48 on all orders over $50! There is no sales tax here in Montana either!

The Shop Staff

Toby Swank is the store owner, head guide, and outfitter for the business. He's been fly fishing Montana for over 20 years, has been an avid fly tyer for nearly 15 years, and has traveled extensively around the world with a fly rod in hand. Toby primarily works in the shop during the off season and spends around 125 days a year guiding folks around Montana.

Charlie Napoli is the manager of our fly shop and a member of our core staff of fly fishing guides. Charlie's attention to detail and easy going personality make him a natural for the fly fishing industry and a valuable asset to our operation. He always knows where everything is in the shop and whether we have what you're looking for or not.

Steven Rendle works full time in the fly shop and guides during the summer months. Steve has been in Bozeman for about 9 years now and has lived all around the world from North Carolina to Hungary. As our "resident college student" employee (who is currently pursuing a career as a full time fish bum), Steven has developed into an integral part of our operation as the custom fly tyer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I do prior to the trip?
A. We recommend that you touch base one week prior to your scheduled trip departure. This time is used to coordinate the meeting time and place of your first guided day with Fins & Feathers. Also, this is the perfect time to make any special requests regarding diet, type of fishing, length of day, and any need for rental equipment (use is complimentary).

Q. What do the guides bring?
A. Guides provide just about everything you need in terms of fishing for the day. Please let us know in advance if you will be taking advantage of our complimentary use of rental equipment such as waders, boots, rod, or reel. Flies are included in the price of all guide trips. Lunch and non-alcoholic beverages are provided on full-day trips.

Q. What if I have questions along the way?
A. You can give us a call anytime at 877-790-5303; leave a message after hours and we'll get back to you first thing in the morning. Also, check out the rest of our site for getting up-to-date information on fishing reports, upcoming events, and general information about the area.

We are now on Facebook as well at Fins and Feathers—become a fan and stay connected!

Q. How does the deposit and final billing work?
A. We require a 50% deposit in order to secure all reservations. This deposit is fully refundable with at least 2 weeks advance cancellation. There is a $50 rescheduling fee for any changes made to existing reservations within 2 weeks of the guide trip. The balance of your guide trip is due at the completion of your trip. We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash for payment. Also, we are happy to split the final bill between members of your party.

Q. Are gratuities customary?
A. Our guides are among the best in the area and work as hard as any guide anywhere. They rely on gratuities to supplement their income and help defray operating costs such as fuel, lunches, and shuttles. If you feel like your guide did a great job and worked hard, please consider rewarding their efforts upon completion of your trip. Gratuities are at your discretion and anything is always appreciated, we recommend $100 a day for a job well done.


Fins & Feathers of Bozeman
Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Outfitters
Toby Swank
81801 Gallatin Road
Bozeman, MT 59718

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