Flip-to-Play Crate/Playpen

This clever dog crate easily converts to a playpen with a flip, for double the space.


Two great products in one! This unique crate flips open to create a safe playpen for your dog. Ideal for small dogs and growing puppies. Use as a crate when you want a comfortable den for your dog. A lockable doggy door can be secured open (at 180 degrees) or closed, and a sliding plastic tray is held in place with a stopper and removed easily for cleaning. To create the play area, simply flip the crate top outward. Close the doggy door when you want a divider between the play area and crate, or keep it open when you want your pup to have access to both. In brown. Natural wood, wire, plastic. Imported.
Small 22⅞"H x 43¾"L x 32"W pen, 247/16"H x 237/16"L x 32"W crate with 95/16"W x 17¾"H door opening, for dogs up to 17½ lbs.;
Medium 295/16"H x 57"L x 41¾"W pen, 31⅛"H x 29½"L x 41¾"W crate with 247/16" H x 13⅞"W door opening, for dogs up to 44 lbs.


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