Freightliner Skagit Floating

Skagit floating spey line offers the casting power to get your flies where you want them.


The Floating Freightliner Skagit spey line provides ample power to cast and turn over heavy sink tips and is designed to work in concert with our double-density TC Tips to present flies throughout the water column to salmon and steelhead. Skagit heads have been around for quite some time and are one of the most popular means of delivering flies with a two-handed rod. Extremely short and powerful taper. Extended grain weights for any rod size. Color change at the rear of the head. Short head provides quick rod loading. Suited for two-hand and switch rods. Braided multifilament core. In black/heron. In 360, 400, 440, 480, 520, 560, 600, 640 grains. Made in USA.


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