Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge

Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge in Manitoba

Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge


Go fly fishing in Manitoba, Canada and stay at Orvis-endorsed Gangler's Lodge—enjoy accommodations at a unique lodge, a unique area, a unique fishery.

North Seal River Lodge offers you an experience no other Canadian lodge can match. An exclusive 5,000,000 acre area, exquisite accommodations, a grand lodge, warm, personalized service, and Canada's most exciting multi-species trophy fishery make for the epitome of Canadian fishing trips. You've never experienced anything like Gangler's North Seal River Lodge. But we promise, once you do, you'll want to make it a habit.

In 34 years, the name Ganglers has become synonymous with excellence in Canadian fly-in fishing. American-owned and operated, they draw upon their personal experiences to guarantee you the trip YOU desire.

North Seal River Lodge and its outposts are the ultimate Canadian sportfishing destinations. An incredible setting of 7200 sq. miles where guests can experience trophy fishing for all four species of the Canadian Grand Slam. Each camp is designed to open you to the North Seal's exceptional fishing, in a setting personalized to your desires.

The Ganglers have a simple core belief: That it is an honor when a guest chooses to fish with us and we do not disappoint them!

The Exclusive North Seal River Lodge—Northern Manitoba, Canada. Chances are, if you find yourself in this inimitable locale, it's not just because you love fishing. Yes, there are vast amounts of really, really, big fish. But your trip to North Seal River Lodge is also about adventure, discovery, and luxury.


5-Star Dining, 5-Star Service.

The Exclusive North Seal River Lodge—Northern Manitoba, Canada

From the moment you step off the plane and onto our private runway, you’ll sense the difference. Unlike other lodges with 30-60 people, the North Seal River Lodge is designed to be an exclusive experience accommodating just 24 guests. This means, that besides staying in deluxe cabins and dining on delectable creations from our chef, you will enjoy personalized attention to every detail of your trip from the Ganglers and their staff.

Of course, fishing is THE priority. Our main lodge on the shores of Egenolf Lake caters to whatever kind of fisherman you already are, and nudges you to become the fisherman you’ve always wanted to be. It offers exclusive access to over 24 different lakes. Whether you’re looking to haul in trophy pike or try your hand at fly fishing for arctic grayling, Egenolf Lake is the perfect place to begin and end your quest each day.

The Outpost Cabins include the same 5-star service including hotel style beds, fully modern bathrooms with hot and cold water, along with a kitchenette and all food is provided.

Food & Drink

5-Star Dining

Always a treat, Gangler’s dining is a 5-star experience. We strive to strike a balance between 5 star cuisine without sacrificing the heartiness great fishing demands.

From apricot glazed cornished hens, steak dinner, encrusted leg of lamb with rosemary potatoes or the perfectly cooked prime rib with a maki style cucumber wrapped salad, each dining experience is a delight.

North Seal River Lodge keeps a well-stocked bar and any special requested beverages are accommodated.

Limited to only 24 guests per week, Gangler’s is truly dedicated to the satisfaction of our guests. Every detail is attended to by our staff to ensure your trip exceeds your expectations.

From the coffee delivered to your cabin each morning to the deluxe cabin service, we will make sure all your needs are met—even those needs you didn’t think you’d have. Got a special request? We will do our very best to accommodate you.



Open in the beginning of June and close in September

At the beginning of June, after the ice on the lakes breaks up, the big and small fish (pike and lake trout) are ravenous and are sunning in the cold shallow water. Mid to late June, weeds start growing in the shallow areas, the water begins to warm and pike move to the shallow weeds. Early July, the bigger pike start moving to slightly deeper weeds (approx 4'-8' depth) and drop-offs around rocky areas, shallow weeds, island drop-offs and points, channels in rivers and in lakes, sheltered bays with drops or darker water. End of July to beginning of August, the water warms and the bigger fish sit in deep weeds at the bottom (approx. 4'-14') and some become less aggressive. Smaller fish can still be found in the shallow areas. Watch for special circumstances, i.e. shallow weeds with small fish in them and a drop next to it. The bigger fish may be in that 5' dark area waiting. Mouths of rivers produce all throughout the season. End of August to beginning of September the fish are coming back to the shallows to feed in the warmer water before winter.

Mid to late June, Lake Trout move into deeper water. Early July, the bigger lakers move into deep holes from about 30'-50' or more. The smaller lakers will be suspended above the deep holes at approx. 25-30 feet and will cruise the drop-offs. Some can be found in the deeper and wider flowing rivers in this region. End of July to beginning of August. depending on the year and weather, the fish typically hold the same as early July but if the weather's hot all season the fish will be closer to the bottom. If the thermocline happens because of the weather it will bring lakers up to the top early. The lake is also turning over bringing the lake trout up to shallow water.

Walleye are in water ranging from 3 ft.-15 ft., in current areas, rivers, and off-sand points in June. July Walleye begin strong patterns, forming huge, tight schools in current areas, walleye fishing at its finest with lots of 20"-26" fish and larger. Most walleye by one boat in a day '308! In August, Walleye are in same patterns as July and larger size. Many of our 28"-32" are caught at this time.

Grayling patterns in June include smaller grayling feeding on nymphs and zooplankton. The larger fish are feeding on eggs , baby fish and whatever is hatching above water. Mid to late June, weeds start growing in the shallow areas, the water begins to warm and the grayling line the banks of the rivers feeding on caddis, mayflies, ants and terrestrials. Early July to beginning of August the water is warm and smaller fish can still be found in the shallow areas. The rivers have more variety of fish in them now like walleye, whitefish and small pike looking for opportunity. If you're using a spinner you can catch any of these which makes the wet or dry fly the best way to catch grayling. Beginning September, Grayling are feeding ravenously before winter.


  • Trophy pike
  • Lake trout
  • Walleye
  • Arctic grayling
  • Burbot
  • Whitefish


The qualities that attract today's outdoorsman to the North Seal River area offered the same attraction to Aboriginal people centuries ago. The area was deglaciated around 6000 B.C. Glacial Lake Agassiz dominated the geology of the area but by 4000 B.C. with Agassiz receding, the forest/tundra line had progressed northward and stabilized at a position fairly current to today's.

The remoteness of the area has precluded extensive archeological study but a few have been done. Dr. Ronald Nash visited the area in early 70s. He found several sites on Egenolf Lake indicating concentrated winter hunting camps there as the caribou migrated south. Twenty-two prehistoric sites were found on Egenolf and the nearby Robertson esker. Another more recent site was carbon-dated at 1490 A.D. The sites were not permanent sites but seasonal hunting camps showing many years of use. The key to the area was the unique and extensive esker system running through it. The aboriginal peoples' made their use a staple as they pursued their winter hunting of the caribou herds as they migrated South. In 1996, archaelogist Virginia Petch and her team focused their study on the Robertson Esker, Manitoba's largest and most famous, which runs over 120 miles through our area from South to North, stretching into Nunavut. Their search included where the North Seal intersects Egenolf and Blackfish Lakes and they found twenty new archaeological sites including some ancient portage markings. Some sites are indicated at over 2000 years old.

To this day, the same people whose ancestors followed the caribou across this land help make Ganglers Canada's #1 lodge as they guide our customers. Some things change, and some never will. The Dene and Cree continue to hunt the eskers with today's technology as the caribou repeat their ancient migration routes .

Typical Weather:

The weather ranges greatly from June through September.

June average temperature is high 64 degrees to low 41 degrees F.
July average temperature is high 70 degrees to low 50 degrees F.
August average temperature is high 65 degrees to low 47 degrees F.
September average temperature is 52 degrees to low 38 degrees F.


Rates start from: $2,195 US

You can find all pricing information at:

What is Provided:

The Ultimate Fly-In Canadian Experience includes:

  • Expediter services in Winnipeg where guests will board the chartered flight to the main lodge at Egenolf Lake.
  • All meals included.
  • Alcohol is available for additional purchase as well as full-service bar.
  • Float plane ride to outpost, if that is where accommodations are.
  • Main lodge has fishing tackle and equipment available to rent.
  • Outposts have custom 161/2' boat with camp manager on-site and meals included. Guided fishing trips at the outposts for an extra fee.
  • Internet and laundry facilities available at some of the outposts.
  • Laundry available at the main lodge for an extra fee.

Gear Recommendations:

  • Fishing equipment
  • Semi-waterproof shoes or boots
  • Good, breathable rain suit
  • Boat bag (small waterproof bag)
  • Flashlight
  • Layered clothing

What to Bring:

  • Bug Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Compass
  • Swiss Army knife/pocket knife
  • Chargers for electronics


  • Wireless Internet is available at the main lodge and private cabins.
  • Expediter services in Winnipeg for all of our guests
  • Medical Evacuation and Travel Insurance is available through Global Rescue.
  • Fishing equipment is available for rental located at the main lodge.

Additional Activities:

Enjoy a quintessential Canadian fly-in wilderness experience that includes:

  • Unique esker ride on our Polaris Rangers
  • Guided nature/history/botany tours
  • Guided bear, moose, and wolf viewing tours
  • Kayaking
  • Rafting
  • Canoeing
  • Mountain biking
  • Professionally guided fishing, fly-fishing instruction including the Classic Canadian shore lunch
  • Float-plane trip over the Robertson esker
  • Northern Lights viewing (between August 9-October 1)
  • Caribou Tundra Safari Adventure (September)
  • Combined North Seal/Churchill Bears and Beluga Whales Trips


Gangler's North Seal River Lodge
Orvis-Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge
Ken Gangler
Mannitoba, Canada

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