Gel-Spun Backing

Go after the biggest, strongest game fish with maximum-strength gel-spun fly line backing.


Use this high-capacity gel-spun fly line backing for big game angling. Maximum strength fly line backing with up to 60% more capacity than Dacron®. 30-lb. test Gel-Spun Backing gives you more capacity than using 20-lb. Dacron, which is why it is the backing of choice for big-game angling. Braided from gel-spun polyethylene, this incredible fly line backing is 10 times stronger than steel in equal diameters. A very small diameter for higher yardage on the reel means slower spool rpms on runs and faster pickups. Gel-Spun fly line backing has virtually no stretch, is extremely abrasion-resistant, yet has a very low coefficient of friction so it will not damage your fly rod guides, and retains 100% of its strength while in the water. Unaffected by UV, gas, oil, salt, or detergents. Fly line backing comes in 30- and 50-lb. test. In yellow. Made in USA.
  • 60% more capacity than Dacron
  • 10 times stronger than steel in equal diameters


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  • 30-LB., 250 YDS. $35
  • 30-LB., 500 YDS. $65
  • 30-LB., 1000 YDS. $125
  • 50-LB., 500 YDS. $89
  • 50-LB., 1000 YDS. $179
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