Gift-Boxed Brass Compass

Celebrate milestones and uncharted territory with a brass compass in a personalized gift box.


Handcrafted of solid brass and nestled in a personalized gift box, this exquisite compass was inspired by an antique pocket model once commonly used by geologists and engineers, and harkens back to the days when the instruments of exploration were works of art as well as survival tools. Beautifully presented in a handsome sheesham box, it is sure to be a well-received gift. This compass is functional but not scientifically calibrated for field use. Can be express shipped after personalization. Personalize the box lid with laser engraving, up to 20 letters. Allow additional 2 days for personalization. Imported.
1½"H x 3½"L x 3¼"W, compass weighs 1 lb., 9½ oz; box weighs 10 oz.
  • Handcrafted compass of solid brass
  • Beautifully presented in a handsome sheesham box
  • Antique pocket model inspired



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Brass Engineer's Compass

A brief history

Invented in the 19th century, the pocket transit engineer’s compass was widely employed by the British military. Engineers, surveyors, archaeologists, and geologists extensively used specialized compasses like this one for mapping and exploring the vast British Empire.

Originally manufactured by Stanley & Evans of London, the production of surveying compasses spread throughout the Empire to advance their use in charting the subcontinent colonies. The closest reproduction of a genuine antique compass available, the brass replica offered here is an authentic instrument crafted by descendents of one of the original manufacturers in India. Each British Engineer’s Compass is hand tooled and in perfect operating condition.

Important in charting accurate degree and angle measurements in the field, the pocket transit calculates the angle in directional degree measurements (azimuth) between a reference plane and a specific point. These measurements were vital to the British Military in many practical applications including navigation, astronomy, mapping, mining and artillery.

Operation instructions

Open lid to a 90-degree angle. Sight through the hairline in the center of the lid onto a major land structure. Using a topographical map, determine your position and the course to take from that point. This compass also features an inclinometer, which calculates the degree of a slope. To use this function, place the compass on its side and adjust the levels inside by turning the knob on the back. When the level is balanced, take the reading inside to determine the gradient.

Note: This compass is functional but not scientifically calibrated for field use.

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