Handcarved Fence-Post Duck

Each of these duck sculptures is carved by hand of reclaimed Rocky Mountain cedar fence posts.


Each of these Handcarved Fence-Post Ducks is different—sometimes the color is a deep red, sometimes a honey-gold. Many times, it is somewhere in between. More than a hundred years ago, homesteaders along the Rocky Mountains staked out new land by planting fence posts around their property. They strung barbed wire and the era of free-range cattle and sheep came to an end. The wood was naturally insect and weather resistant, and many survive to this day. About fifteen years ago, woodworker Wayne Murray got the idea to create a duck out of this remarkable wood, and now Colorado Springs artist Tim Bergren carries on the same tradition of his mentor before him. Cedar. Made in USA.
  • Handcrafted by hand using reclaimed Rocky Mountain homestead fence wood
  • Naturally insect and weather-resistant wood
  • Each piece is unique—sometimes the color is a deep red, sometimes a honey gold
  • Made in Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Small (8"-10")
  • Medium (9½"-12")
  • Large (12" to 13")


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