Instant Screen Door

This instant screen door installs easily and shuts automatically with a magnetic closure.


The ultimate screen door: people and pets can walk right through this instant magnetic screen, and it will automatically shut behind them. No more slamming doors, ripped screens, or open doors that let bugs into the house. This screen cleverly shuts with a magnetic closure; hook-and-loop closures are used to keep the screen in place along the doorframe. Easily installed in minutes without tools or damage to the doorframe. The screen hangs from a tension rod and can be taken down. Two height-adjustment tunnels at the top of the screen allow for installation on standard doors 78"-80" in height. Built-in width adjustment allows for installation in doorframes within 1" of the posted size. Great for sliding glass doors. Imported.
Sizes: (32" x 80"), (36" x 80"), (48" x 80")


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