Irish Wool Throw

Traditional stitches from Irish lore come together to create a wool throw that tells a tale.


Made in Ireland, this pure wool throw is rich in Irish tradition and history. A mosaic of varying stitches, each steeped in symbolism, creates a storytelling piece designed to last generations. The cable stitch represents the fisherman's rope, symbolizing safety and good luck; the honeycomb stitch honors hardworking honey bees and symbolizes reward for hard work; the diamond denotes success and good fortune; and the link stitch symbolizes our human desire to remain connected to our loved ones past and present. The makers of this throw began by making sweaters for fishermen—each family had a unique design so that family members could be identified by their sweater if there was an accident at sea. Today the family-owned business draws on their traditional history for inspiration for their modern, everyday designs. Made of undyed wool, this environmentally friendly throw boasts its rich natural color and is robust and resilient in its construction. Hand wash or dry clean. Ireland.
42" x 60".
  • Made in Ireland with 100% Irish wool
  • Throw is made up of a mosaic of stitches that each symbolize different things
  • Durable, undyed wool boasts its natural color
  • Inspired by our men's sweater that is designed and made in the same family-owned facility in Ireland


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